Aug 18 2016

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I have backed off from the Rio Olympics . So many problems face the Brazilian government, between Zika and military patrols on the streets of Rio now the U.S swim team men’s gold medalists were held up, by Rio police and robbed of $400.00 . I’m surprised that no one can remember what really happened. The swimming meets were over, and the guys went out to party. Drinks, wild women and night of frolic and fun might have caused a few of the guys to forget some of the details of the hold up.  They accused police in uniform for doing the robbery at gun point.  Why would they lie about something like that ?  One said they held a cocked gun at his head and told him to get down on the ground, then stole his money.  The other three amigos don’t seem to have their story together either.  If they went to the police dept. to file a claim what happened then, what about the cab driver, what did he see and why was he pulled over?

No one would have cared about the incident if the robbery wasn’t done by men in police uniforms.  No one was hurt, and it seems no one has the same story. My thought on this is all four Olympians were probably  trashed going to the club and further trashed after the got home from the club.  Instead of going to the police they went home and reported it to the Olympian village security .  They were probably so ripped after clubbing that night they were lucky to remember their own names.  The smartest guy in the group  got out of town the next day, before the police began their investigation. Two others got pulled off the plane.  It all sounds like a night of partying got out of control , I don’t doubt they were robbed, four gold medalist American men, hyped up and drunk with plenty of money, seemed like an easy target. They were probably too drunk to remember much of what happened and couldn’t get their stories straight, except for being robbed by the Police.

Rio can’t allow the games to end on this bad note, after so many failures , between the bad water, dangerous streets, NO Russia, sick athletes. The only memorable moments of the games were Simone Giles and Michael Phelps, and Micheal’s son Boomer. (I wonder if that is his real name or a nick name?) I would hate to have BOOMER as a real name.  It’s like being the boy named SUE.


L.A. Steel


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