Aug 15 2016

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what donald trump said today

WOW ! I just finished watching Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech. I am not sure what I just watched and heard. He contradicted himself throughout the speech.  He wants peace but advocates war. He wants terror to stop, but proposes war against ISIS with Russia as our Allie.  His wooden delivery made him seem like he was on a swivel podium each time he turned to read the monitors. I admit he made every attempt to stay on subject however, much of the subject was opposed to RADICAL ISLAM, and correct  however, there must be a better way to seal our borders and stop the immigration of Muslim Refugees with proper screening. Trump proposes an all out assault against terror but said little about home grown terror , that is exploding in the U.S.

Trump danced over the truth about Obama’s failures in containing Radical Islam, Why he didn’t mention Obama’s first order to Homeland Security in 2008 was to delete from government data banks all connections found to Radical Islamists or foundations funding terrorism.  This was proven by author and former Homeland Security Investigator in his testimony before a Senate committee chaired by Ted Cruz. The order was verified. Trump’s speech was harsh and unclear.  I listened to the entire speech and finished fearing Trump’s message to the world, and the American People.  He said he would be the ‘Greatest Champion of the American People” in defending our borders, our streets and the safety of our institutions and cities, and way of life.     My fear is he sounds far too militaristic and far too obsessed with hatred for our enemies, and all who are not legal Americans.

How is he going to conduct mind control experiments on all Muslim Refugees, before they enter or after they enter the U.S ? And what if he decides to put a religious survey to be added to our tax forms, or voter registrations. In his attempt to say he will preserve the U.S Constitution, he instead says he will suspend our rights and the human rights of non citizens.  He wants a complete internet crackdown on all Radical Muslim Sympathizers and a suspension and censorship of any Muslim or citizen of a Muslim country  from all social media.  This cannot be done without an all powerful hand dictating who can and cannot use the internet.  I can agree that all recruiting  websites for ISIS should be taken down, as well as recruitment for other hate groups like  the KKK or BLM, who want to assault and kill policemen, white people, black people and anyone who stands in their way.

I can understand Donald Trump’s fed up attitude towards how the country and the world are so screwed up. I’ve been saying that on television , radio, internet and in print for 20 years, no one has taken him seriously in politics until 2016.  I can not cast a vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the world is doomed either way. I am voting for myself in November, because I trust my judgment to run the government an protect the American People far more than I trust any of my opponents.


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