Aug 11 2016

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Bernie burned out , and  Hillary and Donald are burning out.  It is obvious how tired and frantic both Donald and Hillary have become. Hillary is having seizures and Donald can no longer speak in coherent sentences, or get a favorable word from the MEDIA. In every speech he gave recently, he pointed at the camera’s saying, “They are all Liars !” Despite the bad press Donald has received , the MEDIA is really his best friend. Recent reports state, Hillary has spent $50,000,000 on attack ads against Donald since the Democrat Convention, while Donald has spent 0 on ads.  Donald has raised $80,000,000 since the Republican Convention and has received over 1 trillion dollars in free press and network coverage for his campaign, and international publicity for his different hotels, golf clubs and other billion dollar enterprises. The Media is making no money directly off of Donald’s Campaign, he is literally laughing at them all the way to the bank.  The name TRUMP alone is worth billions, as President Trump, it becomes worth Trillions. Donald simply by being Donald Trump will make billions and maybe trillions, and receive an eternal place in American business and political history. DONALD TRUMP IS A GENIUS ! Regardless of the chaos Donald is causing he’s not spending any of his own money, he is making money, while Hillary has to sell “Favors” to every donor with $2700 or more.  Small donors get blown a kiss from her on television, during her rallies.

I do not receive any free media attention, nor am I asking for money.  I can prove I’ve enlightened over 40 million heads in the last year, since I started my campaign, and I hope to enlighten hundreds of millions more to, WRITE IN,  L.A. Steel for their Presidential vote in November.



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