Aug 03 2016

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Based on the research of Breitbart.com  in this recent article, Kzir Kahn isn’t as innocent as he says he is.


Donald Trump was baited again by the Democrats. His people just don’t do the right research to defend their candidate against people like Kzir Kahn, who is a Radical Muslim sympathizer with strong connections to Saudi Arabia,  the Clinton Foundation, and the Obama State Dept.. Khan’s  law firm is the main legal firm handling the massive influx into the U.S of hundreds of thousands of Muslim Refugees. Khan’s attack on Donald Trump, for his policy on anti Radical Islamist Terror, and suspension of Muslim immigration is a set up. Unfortunately Trump and his staff of incompetent aids and researchers have missed the boat on every issue Donald Trump has got in trouble over.  This breitbart.com article is available to everyone , why hasn’t Trump’s team picked up on it?

Trump also has problems with his buddy Chris Christie, jumping into the argument against Trump, and supporting Khan. Christie is an opportunist, who will say or do anything to cover his own ass. He’s about to lose re-election in New Jersey and can’t afford to anger the Muslim minority in his state, or Vets and parents of Vets who died, and Christie is losing faith in Trump’s ability to win the election, and give him a job.  Trump didn’t insult the Kahns for their son’s sacrifice in 2004. He stated many times that he was against the war in Iraq and Hillary was for it.  Kzir Kahn opportunistically used the death of his son, to attack Donald Trump personally, instead of blaming his son’s death on Hillary Clinton, who supported the war and G.W Bush, who sent Kahn’s son to war in Iraq. The Iraq War was a fool’s war made by the complete and utter Idiot G.W Bush and the idiotic ,criminally stupid, Congress .  For Kzir Kahn to accuse Donald Trump of not caring about his son’s sacrifice, is an unfair and unwarranted attack, done so to detract from Hillary , Obama and Kahn’s own personal monetary and political gain.

Barack Hussein Obama couldn’t wait to condemn Donald Trump for his statements against Kahn. Hypocrite Obama instructed the Republican Party to denounce and not endorse Donald Trump as their nominee. The ultimate farce of Obama’s request was the most stupid , racist, hypocritical, politically insane and desperate act I have ever seen in presidential politics.  Why hasn’t Donald Trump used the findings of author of “See Something Say Nothing” and former Homeland Security Investigator of Islamist terrorism Paul Haney, who testified before a senate hearing chaired by Ted Cruz , that proved the Homeland Security Dept. was ordered to delete all their information from their data bases on Islamist terror groups and individuals in the U.S ? This was one of Obama’s first orders to the Dept. of Homeland Security to delete over 800 names and organizations they had accumulated since 2003, directly tied to terrorist activities and financing and aiding terrorists in the U.S and overseas. See the following video of the Phillip Haney’s testimony before the senate hearing.  Also  please view the unbelievable response by Jeh Johnson, Obama’s appointed Director of Homeland Security. The evidence is overwhelming and the cover up is criminal.


I am sorry to say that Donald Trump, though he makes trouble for himself by “misspeaking”, most of his statements are based in facts, and he is not being helped by his campaign staff. If Donald Trump would insist on background checks and fact checking his opponents in the media and in the Democrat and Republican ranks, he could destroy Hillary, and all the Hillary media mind control stooges, who are forced to repeat ” I love Hillary” in a prayer chant , on their knees five times a day , while facing her portrait. Also as part of their mind control training as a Democrat and Hillary campaign worker , they must turn on their knees and face a portrait of Barack Obama in a smiling embrace with Hillary, while chanting, “I love Obama, Islam, the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, and will lie , cheat and steal , and sell my soul to Satan to make Hillary Clinton the next president.”

Yes, Donald Trump was right when he called Hillary the “Devil”, but he didn’t back that up by proving she is a Bi sexual, witch. This has been well known and proven since the early 1990s when she put satanic symbols around the White House during Christmas and satanic symbols on the White House Christmas tree. Donald Trump must hire scholars and researchers to dig up all of this information on Hillary and her attack dogs, to present in paid political ads, and stream live, and archived on Youtube.  If Donald Trump really wants to win the Presidency of the U.S then he must go all out and attack Hillary and her Media Minions with everything he can, before and after the first presidential debate.  Unless he can knock her out with ads, articles, and proof of her corruption, which there is overwhelming publicly available evidence, then he will lose this election, based upon the incompetence, or deliberate treachery of his campaign insiders. The glaring errors of Melenia’s speech and his own recent foolish statements, makes his supporters and the the rest of Americans nervous about him , and why he has neglected and not presented all the facts and evidence against Hillary and the Obama Administration.

Everyone has anger, and everyone say things publicly that they regret later, however most people are not running for President of the U.S.  I like Donald Trump because he’s a character like no other, and he has done what he said he did, I believe he will do what he says he will, and the country desperately needs it. I respect that he has singlehandedly brought the RNC into ruin and chaos, and is not being backed by the Koch Bros. or any of the Republican Billionaire backers.  He’s a self made man, a builder, and negotiator, billionaire, and a fighter like few presidential candidates have ever been. He has exposed the soft underbelly of the corrupt American political system and the corporate begging Democrat Party and media Hillary whores, and the Republican Party slavery to their billionaire donors.

Donald Trump has the courage and conscience to expose the corruption, treachery, and stupidity of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as well as the 16 Republican candidates he defeated in the primaries.  If Donald Trump intends to win against Hillary and gain favor with the majority of Americans, he must stop his “off the cuff ” campaign ruining rhetoric and begin to demand more discipline of his staff, and more discipline of himself in his public statements. Also he must not do interviews with the Hillary Media, Stop Tweeting, and put out real, accurate, and damaging ads, speeches and published evidence of the Treason, and incompetence of Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. There is so much he could say, and so many would defend him if he would only demand the discipline of his staff and himself.

This is my advice to Donald Trump. If he would concentrate the remainder of his campaign to the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, with his wealth, and position, and the solid belief of millions of Americans who are already convinced that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are dangerous, incompetent politicians and criminals of the highest order. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama must be stopped, and Donald Trump is the one the American people believe can do it.  But he can only do it if he cleans house, and makes certain he is not being destroyed from within his campaign,the way Ron Paul was. He must hire a few lawyers, scholars and researchers who will be loyal to him, to gather all the evidence readily available to prosecute Hillary Clinton and Obama, for high crimes and treason. Donald Trump is the only one who can do it, and he could also publicly prosecute his major detractors in the Republican Party, who are running for re-election, like John McCain, and Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan or any of the corrupt and incompetent multitude of others .

Donald Trump in order to win the Presidency must spend his next $100 million to win the election, on direct attack ads in all states , that proves the corruption, deceit and treason of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  This must be done in the next 100 days, before the election. It must be done if Donald Trump wants to win the election.  My fear for America is that Donald Trump does not want to win, just as Bernie Sanders didn’t.  Donald Trump admitted this week in a speech , “The System is rigged folks, it’s rigged.” Was he giving a warning of his real intentions.  He and the American people are the only ones who can stop the election from being rigged, and stop Hillary Clinton and her Criminal Enterprise.

L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016



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