Jul 09 2016

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censored again 2016

An amazing thing has happened to my website this month, it has been censored by all the major search engines. Every critical article of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama I have published has been deleted from Google Search and other major search engines. It is absolutely amazing to watch the power of the  Democrats and their minions in the NSA and Google, Bing, or any other major search engine cleanse the system of Hillary and Obama critics. I read that this is happening everywhere on the internet, but I did not know to what degree,until today.

Yesterday I posted 2 videos of a recent senate hearing  of former Homeland Security officer Philip Haney who was in charge of collecting all information on terrorist groups in America and around the world since 2003. He wrote the new book “See Something Say Nothing”.This hearing and Mr. Haney accuse Barack Obama as a terrorist sympathizer and the creator of ISIS and major sponsor of Alqueda and The Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S and their overthrow of the the Egyptian government. Hillary Clinton was complicit with Obama up to her eye balls.  Obama issued an order in 2009, to delete all links and evidence of Islamic Terrorists organizations and cells operating in the U.S  collected by the Dept. of Homeland Security since the founding of the department in  2003. The video of the hearing is still posted on my front page. I also posted with it a video of the senate hearing questioning the head of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, who denied knowledge of everything.  Since I put up that post yesterday I immediately received dwindling numbers of visits, until by this morning my web stats. showed 0 visits for 7/9/16, which began at midnight of 7/8/16.

I was the only visit to my site by 8:30 am this morning. I had more traffic the first day I opened my site in 2004.  I would normally have several thousand visits by 8:30 am. I complained to my server company , who said they could find no censorship internally or externally, that would cause such a dramatic drop . The tone of their email reply sounded like they were doing their duty to God and Country , because of orders from the government, or a major Hillary donor, or the DNC, or whoever wants me silenced. They haven’t crashed my site completely , the only exception being my own IP address. I was the only reported visitor this morning by 8:30 am.  I say this openly, and from experience,  I know when I am being censored. I am being censored. Anyone who is reading this may have gotten to this website by direct link, or  have government or corporate security clearances, or may be hackers, who broke through the censor barriers. Who ever you are I appreciate your tenacity and interest.

I thank all of my loyal readers for your continued interest and determination to reach this website.  It will not be easy to openly criticize Hillary or Obama during the upcoming elections. The U.S government and Hillary have turned  off all criticism by their most effective critics. This censorship will continue through November, and beyond. The U.S has become a police state. Hillary will win the election by voter and election fraud. Her favorite book she said, is George Orwell’s 1984.  If Berniie Sanders endorses Hillary and does not fight for the nomination at the convention, then I believe his life or the lives of his family may have been threatened.  It happened to Ross Perot in 1992 by G. H.W Bush and the Republican Party trolls. It has happened to Donald Trump, a bomb threat was made to his oldest son last month.  Understand that those in power do not want to relinquish their power.  We do not live in a democracy or a republic , we live under the dictatorship of a fascist oligarchy of corporate CEOs and Wall Street bankers, and their  puppet politicians.

I have been a broadcast activist far too long not to recognize censorship when it happens to me. I was recently fired from a teaching position for my published statements on 911.  I have fought hard and continue to fight for my right to be heard for the last 20 years on radio , television and the internet. I know that truth can never be completely silenced, by those who must keep it silent.  Tens of millions of listeners and readers have followed my radio and television programs, or read my articles and books, know me, and trust me , that I would never knowing lie to them for profit or sponsors, nor would I bend to the pressures of government to be silent.

Truth is power and will always beat the fucking system. Truth is faith, it keeps talking, screaming, and making as much noise as it possibly can, until it is finally heard. The fight for truth and free speech is far greater than a conflict of egos, or argument of political correctness. The Fight for Freedom is the war of the human spirit against the “principality” of Darkness.  This is the greatest fight of all. It is the basis of all morality, all justice, all enlightenment, all hope, and all righteousness. This is why Freedom of Speech is the first right in our Bill of Rights, that Constitutionally protect Americans’ right to criticize and publicly condemn their government, when it over reaches its power.

I am  creating a new series of The L.A.Steel Show on Youtube,(which I hope will not be censored.) It will also be available on this website. (which has been and is censored) This video series will begin on 8/1/16. My radio show and archives can be heard (uncensored) on BlogTalkRadio.com/lasteelshoworg .

Thank you for your continued interest in my work and Presidential campaign.


L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016








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