Jul 08 2016

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I posted the following article on 1/7/2008, when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were competing for the Democrat Nomination.  I recently reviewed my 2008 archives and realized how differently I felt about Hillary in 2008.  I was  critical but I respected the fact that she was the second woman in history to run for President. Shirley Chism was the first Democrat presidential candidate in 1972.

As a broadcaster I have reported on national and international politics for over 20 years. I have produced and directed 400 television programs, and 12 featured documentaries. I have produced and hosted 1900 radio programs, and published 1700 articles and essays, and 2 published books.   The lasteelshow.org website archives began in 2004. I have documented and written about  many of the historical facts of Hillary Clinton’s rise to power, and have lived through every year of her influence, and every media mention of her name.

I am amazed  how I feel about Hillary Clinton today, after I read what I wrote about her in 2008. Since 2008 the world has changed for the worst with terror and war, rising poverty and homelessness, and millions of refugees, so much of this suffering is caused by the actions of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and her boss Barack Obama.  Four more years of Hillary would be hell on earth,

(For my reports and articles of the 2008 Democrat and Republican Primaries and the general election, refer to my 2007- 2008 archives )


L.A. Steel

Independent, Write In, Presidential Candidate, 2016






I saw Hillary Clinton’s Today Show interview early this morning. She was in New Hampshire in some lodge or hotel dining room. A fire was burning in the back ground directly behind her. The viewer could only see tongues of flames licking upwards around her shoulders. It was a strange picture, evoking images of Hillary as a pagan High Priestess. It was more of a distraction than an intended mood setting. Hillary did look attractive, refreshed and relaxed. Meridith Vierra had a noticeable attitude towards Hillary, and asked a few direct questions, about her second place poll results against Obama. Hillary replied with a few kind words about Obama, which alluded to her new strategy of being Ms. Nice Nice. Her advisers probably told her to flatter Obama instead of attacking him. Personally I like seeing the fiery side of Hillary Clinton. She appears at her best when she is in a fight. Any man who has been in an argument with a dominating woman knows what the inevitable outcome will be. The woman usually wins.

The truest merit of Hillary Clinton’s campaign is that she gives women a greater sense of self worth and personal empowerment. Presidential campaigns are as much about the rhetoric of the candidates, as about their individual characters. There can be little doubt that Hillary Clinton is a fighter. There is no doubt that she is completely driven and ambitious. These are the traits we expect in male presidential candidates, and should expect in female candidates. The only backlash that Hillary faces in her aggressive role as a presidential candidate, is from traditional minded men and women voters. They find it difficult to adjust to the idea of an aggressive, domineering woman as their President. Americans aren’t used to Queens. It’s a hard adjustment for them to make. They like princesses, who dress well ,smile graciously, speak softly, and do charitable works, and they like to see queens in ceremonial roles, but that’s the extent of their appreciation for royalty. A Clinton Dynasty is a frightening thought. Hillary supporters seem to have forgotten what a danger family political dynasties have been to the United States, and other countries. G.W Bush is a shining example of the danger of political dynasties in control of the U.S Presidency. The Kennedy Dynasty “Camelot” led America into one of the most tragic periods in American history.

It appears that Obama will take the New Hampshire Primary away from Hillary. However, anyone who has followed presidential primaries knows; that second and third place contenders in New Hampshire, and Iowa can make great come backs. Hillary has a lot of money behind her, and too much pride invested in this race to concede without a serious fight to the finish. My advice to her and her campaign managers is; she must show the real lioness side of her personality. Don’t listen to cowering cubs in the mainstream media, or the blogosphere, crying “Foul”, and foaming at the mouth , eager to make sideline swipes at the most aggressive candidate. Hillary must show Americans, other nations, and their leaders the real fighter. She must become the female American Gladiator. The candidate that shows the most integrity and courage, and the ability to capture the collective consciousness of the American people, with idealism and optimism, will be the next President of the United States. So far John Edwards has been tenacious and forthright. He is a consistent and determined fighter, and is not afraid to show his teeth .

Obama is the dominant threat to Hillary , his idealism and eloquence have created a fever of defiance and indignation among his supporters, against the Old Guard of the “Status Quo”. Hillary has yet to show herself , and prove she is a candidate of real change. She must show courage and cunning in her battle with Obama and Edwards for the Presidency. She appears too defensive, and retreats when confronted . For Hillary to win she must attack her opponents in the debates, and in the media with her strongest, offensive, arguments, and the most clever strategy.

The American voter , and Hillary’s campaign managers, should be reminded, that lionesses are the real hunters in a lion pride, and have keen survival and preditorial instincts. Male lions have strong physical statures, and mighty roars. Hillary must prove to the American voter; that she has greater prowess, and sharper claws, than her opponents, if she is to win her battle for the Presidency.







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