Mar 21 2016

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Sorry Trump, you just lost my support for Dog Catcher of the year.  There is no more mystery of Trump’s loyalty to Zionism . It is too apparent. He’s Israel First, America second. He’s just like Romney and all the others, who kissed Israeli asses. His insistence on the Mexican WALL and his AMERICA FIRST stump speech is as full of crap as Trump is. Get on your knees Trump and kiss the feet of your rulers.  It’s funny that many Zionists are boycotting his speech at AIPAC. They think he’s antisemitic.   Like Obama he will wear his scull cap and bow to a genocidal crowd of Israeli lobbyists.  What a farce. I retract everything good I ever said of Donald Trump, because he is playing up to Israel. He’s no better than Hillary, Bernie, Cruz or any other wannabe Zionist president.  Bernie had the good sense to stay away from AIPAC , and he’s Jewish, but 75% of his supporters are pro Palestine Progressives.  Trump’s supporters were largely anti Zionists, except for the Tea Party Republicans and evangelicals who openly pray for the end of Israel, because that is the sign of the End Times and the return of Jesus. Strange religion and strange people, wonder why Israel encourages the fundamental Christian support? MONEY AND SYMPATHY FOR THEIR RACISM.  Mormonism is a polygamous sect of Judaism, with a mega cathedral in Jerusalem. That is why Cruz is doing well in UTAH with the help of Mitt Romney. Most Evangelicals are Zionists, which means they believe in  ISRAEL FIRST, America second.

Israeli Rabbis teach that all non Jews are  Goyum (less than human).  Israel is an Apartheid state. It claims it is a “Jewish State’  and reduces the status of all non Jewish residents to second class citizens. Palestinians are considered “less than animals” by Israeli leaders,rabbis and illegal Israeli settlers,

Unless Trump is real with AIPAC and his supporters, and condemns AIPAC and Zionists for who and what they are, I have no faith in Trump or his campaign from this day forward, and must believe all he has stated publicly about ” America First” are lies.  Trump is no visionary or leader, he is a misleader. AIPAC is a powerful lobby but only because they pay off every politician, or threaten to expose a politician as Anti Semitic.  Trump is either Israel First, or America First, America First is the only way to be, or he is a traitor to his country.

He still has time to cancel his speech to AIPAC, it doesn’t start until this afternoon, but I truly doubt that he will. It appears to be important to Donald Trump to kneel down and kiss AIPAC ASSES, in front of the Zionist owned television cameras, broadcasted live to the world.  Get off your knees America!!! It’s too late for Donald Trump and every other Presidential Candidate, but me. I am and always will be AMERICA FIRST.


L.A. Steel

Independent Presidential Write In Candidate 2016



This video by David Duke explains what Trump did and why, but it also explains much more about the Zionist control of America our government. See it for what it is, and Trump for what he is. Duke still supports him, but I do not understand why. He believes Trump is the last hope America has of freeing itself from Zionist tyranny. I don’t have any faith in Trump anymore. This video proves how AIPAC controls him.

This following video by David Duke explains his support for Trump and how deluded Duke is for continuing his support for Trump. A change is desperately needed, but no presidential candidate except myself , has refused to bow before the Israeli Lobby and ignore the Genocide of Palestinians. Israel is the worst possible Allie for America to have. They cost us billions of dollars a year to prop up their racist nation and they have taken over our government, and economy, and it is time to end their reign of ruin.








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