Jun 05 2008

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There has been so little press coverage on Mrs. Obama, that the country really has no idea who she is. She looks like a normal woman but no one has unwrapped her yet. Mr. Obama has told the press to keep their hands off his wife. Ok , fine , but is she going to live in the White House, or be involved with him during his presidency, if he is elected ? Personally I have nothing against Mrs. Obama, except that she is Mr. Obama’s wife. I don’t trust Mr. Obama, so I also do not trust Mrs. Obama. Who is she? Who is he ? No one really seems to know. It appears that they are whatever anyone wants them to be. The only problem I have with the entire Obama thing is; that I believe Mr. and Mrs. Obama may not be what they seem. I believe they are Black American elitists, globalists, leftist socialists, backed by the wealthiest and most powerful and worst group of global elitists in the world. I believe that McCain was chosen to oppose Obama because no one in their right mind would vote for McCain. Hillary lost the nomination because she and Mr. Bill made too many political enemies over the last many years, and very few people trust Mr. Bill.

That leaves Mr. Obama as the likely choice; unless we look at the alternative of nothing. I like that alternative much better than electing something that turns out to be nothing. I don’t know who Mrs. Obama is. I don’t know anyone who knows who she really is. For those millions of Americans who don’t know her first name, or her maiden name, or who her parents were, or if she had parents, or where she was born , her first name is Michelle.(I had to look it up) All anyone knows of her is she went to Harvard. Big Deal. How many imbreded idiots went to Harvard ? All you need to get into an Ivy league college is a bogus pedigree, an alumni for a relative or a muti million dollar donation to the college. Look at the greatest moron in history G.W. Bush. He went to Harvard and to Yale and he still can’t form a complete sentence. Oh, yeah I forgot , Mr. Obama went to Harvard as well. That is where he met Mrs. Obama.

Who are Mrs. Obama and Mr. Obama ? Did any one who voted for Mr. Obama in the primaries know anything about Mrs. Obama , except that she went to Harvard ? Did anyone know the names of his children ? Did anyone even care ? More than likely the liberal lame, who voted Mr. Obama into the Democratic Presidential Nomination, never bothered to ask these questions, and will never ask these questions, because they really don’t want to know. They don’t care. After an entire year of campaigning Mr. and Mrs. Obama and their entire family are the least known people in politics. I had to look up Mrs. Obama’s first name to find out what it was. I even asked several people if they knew her first name, and neither did. One thought it was Sheryl, the other thought it was Maybelle . It appears that many people are asking the same questions I am . Who is she , and what is her name? To be honest I really didn’t care enough to remember her name. I didn’t care , because it is obvious to everyone; that the entire Obama history is probably made up anyway. I watched a television program the other night; that connected Obama’s bloodline through his mother to six different American presidents. I have not seen or heard any report on who Mrs. Obama is, or where she came from. Is this a media whitewashing of America’s first Black presidential nominee and his wife, or is it just typical of American indifference in general ? No one really cares about Mr. Obama, and no one thinks he has a chance in hell of winning the presidency.

The Democrats did it again . In an election year when a dead fish could have beaten any Republican for the presidency , especially John McCain, the Democrats put up two worse than dead fish as potential nominees, and herald them as the two most qualified candidates in the Democratic party; then nominate the deadest of the two dead fish as their nominee. Maybe they are the two most qualified Democrats in the party, but that tells the world how pathetic the Democratic party really is. What a complete and utter farce ! Who are Mrs. and Mr. Obama? For now they are whoever or whatever anyone who voted for them think they are. It appears that only if Mr. Obama wins the election will Americans find out who he and Mrs. Obama really are.


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