Sep 04 2015

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DSC08493Donald Trump signed the Republican Pledge yesterday, that states he will not leave the Republican Party, and would back the party’s Presidential Nominee. The only reason he would have made that deal is if the “Party” promised him the nomination.

“The Donald” wrote “The Art of the Deal”.  He’s not stupid, he knows his Independent run for President would cripple and even destroy the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party as well.  Either the “Deal” was made by both Parties that “The Donald” would win the presidency, or Donald has no intention of honoring the pledge if he isn’t the Republican nominee. No matter how much money someone has, they can’t afford to challenge the established order of the American Two Party Dictatorship.

My personal fortune is non existent  in comparison to Donald Trump’s 10 billion dollar fortune. My father wasn’t able to leave me a $40 million dollar estate. But my greatest asset is my American Citizenship, that grants me a legitimate claim to run for President of the United States, and challenge the two party system as an Independent Presidential Candidate. There is still a year left before the elections, and fortunes can turn rapidly , as can the political and national climates.

An Independent President elected in 2016 would be the greatest statement to all “democratic” dictatorships around the world, that the old systems of corrupt , elitist government will never again be allowed in the United States.

L.A. Steel

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