Apr 01 2020






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Mar 30 2020


This is one of my favorite songs in the world. Leila and I would sing it each night with our guests, when we closed our FM radio show, on WQQQ103.3fm. Most Americans over 50 might remember this song, and Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.  Hope you enjoy it. I wish all of my readers’ Happy Trails.





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Mar 27 2020


self isolation 2020I have isolated myself my entire life in one way or another. either in anger, grief, humiliation, humor, interests, scholarly research or unrequited love. Life can be isolating even in a gathering of friends or strangers.

I discovered 4th Dimensional existence many years ago when I studied spirituality and developed my sixth sense through the teaching and encouragement of a remarkable psychic. She could always communicate with spirits who passed over. since she was a child. Through her, I spoke with many of my friends and relatives who had died years before.  There is a spirit world and the intuitive and serious mind can open itself up to the alternate dimensions. We all exist physically in the 3rd Dimension but our minds exist in connection to our spirit, which is directly connected to our Creator.

We exist both mortally and immortally. Our immortality is in spirit. Anyone who sleeps returns to the spirit to rest and isolate themselves from the 3rd Dimensional existence to dream freely and live within the dreams we create. This period of Coronavirus has forced humanity into self-isolation and we must all find ways of coping with the new situation.

I am currently in a state of grief as my aged mother is in hospice with only days left to her life. I will see her tomorrow perhaps for the last time. She would not want me to reveal her age but she has lived a long and remarkably independent life as a mother of four. She has been widowed for 30 years and never remarried. She has traveled the world and outlived my father and several other “men friends”. She has faced the death of her parents and siblings and is the only one who is alive. She has lost many of her old friends and one of her children.  I have a million memories of her from my childhood to the present and fear there will be very few more to have.

Grief, fear, loneliness, unemployment, financial stress, family stress, daily stress all create our insanity. How we cope with these stresses is how we survive. Our survival is all in our minds, our imaginations keep us alive and well and able to create anything we need or want in our lives. I know that passing into the spirit world is our natural progression and is expected by all who reincarnated into different lifetimes. I have seen my past lives in regression and gained the knowledge and wisdom to understand that I will pass over and reincarnate once again in human form or in an alien form which I choose to experience as I live through eternity.

Self-isolation is nothing to fear unless we want to fear it. Enjoy ourselves without anyone else around or enjoy ourselves with someone we love and love us. There is a profound joy that awaits us beyond the world of pain, it is that bright afternoon light shining in our window, as we become blind for those moments of warm radiant light against your forehead. Our creator speaks to us in rays of sunlight, he sings us songs of hope and love in the winter wind and summer breeze, tranquility, and fulfillment. Our creator speaks to us through nature and family and friends.  Self-isolation is a perfect opportunity to enjoy ourselves as a creation of our own making.




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Mar 26 2020


salisbury church poem sign 2020

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Mar 24 2020


faces of steel series 6 2020

See the Five Faces of Steel Series at my Art and Photography of L.A.Steel website linked on the Header Menu of this website.

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Mar 21 2020


shady joe biden 2020

I thank Earl Bailey a FB Friend for this compilation of Joe Biden’s pathetic political history.

25 Things You Might Not Know About Joe Biden
1.) Vowing Not to ‘Demonize’ the Rich, Biden Tells Billionaires ‘Nothing Would Fundamentally Change’. https://www.commondreams.org/…/vowing-not-demonize-rich…
2.) How Biden Helped Strip Bankruptcy Protection From Millions Just Before a Recession.
“And, gallingly, the bill made it completely impossible to discharge student loan debt. It may very well be the single piece of legislation most responsible for putting the U.S. in the current student debt crisis.” https://www.gq.com/story/joe-biden-bankruptcy-bill
3.) In Reversal, Biden Opens Door To Super PAC money After Saying He Would Not Accept Big Donor Money.
4.) (adult language): This one will really boil your blood of him speaking to donors at a fundraiser! https://youtu.be/iYbE2E9dvGg
5.) He voted for the Iraq War 2003
6.) Biden voted for the Patriot Act 2001 https://www.buzzfeednews.com/…/andrewk…/surveillance-joe
7.) Joe Biden supported NAFTA 1993 https://www.bloomberg.com/…/biden-s-nafta-vote-is-a
8.) Defense of Marriage Act (Anti-LGBTQIA) 1996
9.) Attacked Anita Hill 1991
10.) Joe Biden Gives Wall Street Bailouts 2008 https://www.huffpost.com/…/biden-on-the-bailout-soci_n
11.) Biden Repealed Glass-Steagall 1999 https://www.politico.com/…/lawmakers-regret
12.) Wrote The Disastrous Crime Bill
13.) Pro-War on Drugs (currently)
14.) Pro death penalty (currently)
15.) Biden is Against Net Neutrality
16.) Joe Biden Support Segregation
17.) Joe Biden Voted to Let States Overturn Roe v. Wade…… 
18.) Greenpeace Gives Joe Biden a D- on Climate Change Report Card
19.) Biden’s Newest Advisor Is a George W. Bush Appointee Who Supported the Iraq War
20.) Joe Biden’s senior campaign advisor Urged The DNC To Vote Down A Climate Debate!
21.) Biden says he wouldn’t ban fracking, distancing himself from rivals.
22.) Joe Biden Says Marijuana Should Remain Illegal
23.) Biden attends fossil fuel event after Climate Town Hall
24.) Hear what Joe Biden said when he was pushing the 1994 crime bill, which he helped to write. Or how he thought desegregation and integration were racist. Here’s his speech from the 1994 crime bill.
25.) Joe Biden Is A Liar

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Mar 20 2020

Why have the Left left Bernie Sanders?


I am greatly disappointed in the Left-Leaning Internet News and Opinion Media for giving Bernie Sanders’ eulogy after his Super Tuesday’s defeat in Michigan. I hoped that Michigan would vote for Sanders’ but it appears they voted in droves for Biden. AOC declared the DNC rigged the primary through voter suppression as they did in all the Southern states by removing hundreds of voting places without warning and not providing adequate numbers of voting machines in the polling places, also 5 candidates dropped out and endorsed Biden immediately prior to the primaries so their names were not removed from the ballots. All who voted for them in absentee ballots or early voting lost their votes and the DNC rigged voting machines against Bernie Sanders, with no paper ballots to verify the votes.

I believe AOC and others who understand what happened and are speaking out about it before the DNC crowns Joe Biden with their stolen crown. Biden and Perez will destroy what little remains of the Democrat Party. We can now see clearly who truly rules the Democrats and it isn’t party loyalists who vote for politicians, it is the corporate and racist extremists governed by Billionaire Super Fund Managers, Bankers and Mob Bosses aligned with and funding Biden and Trump campaigns and buying off the Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court replacing politicians with automatons programmed to create all legislation to favor the wealthiest 1% of the United States.

Every “Progressive Presidential Candidate’ except Elizabeth Warren has endorsed Biden and dropped out of the race, Warren has not endorsed anyone yet but she has lost all “Progressive” credentials with her insult to Bernie and her slander against the “Bernie Bros and Sisters” who supposedly insulted her on Twitter or and in emails. She has blown herself up and no one cares anymore who she is or what she ever stood for. Tulsi Gabbard just dropped out of the race yesterday and endorsed Biden. That was the last snub of Bernie Sanders. Why Tulsi endorsed Biden is another example of her strange devotion to the Democrat Party or whatever she’s devoted to. After she voted no vote on Trump’s Impeachment, and has virtually become a Fox News Contributor and regular guest no one takes her seriously anymore.

Progressive Young People must never give up their dreams of Honest Government, True Justice, Racial Equality, Financial Security, Healthcare For All, Good Public PreK-12 Education and Free Tuition Universities, Climate Change Solutions, to stop the needless wars and destruction of our planet with fossil fuels and create lasting infrastructure in all our public highways and utilities, and to transform the entire planet and humanity into a world of health, peace, harmony, happiness, prosperity and well being for all.



pepe dancing








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Mar 18 2020

Ron Paul says “Corona virus is an “Authoritarian Power Grab Hoax”.


Take him or leave him Ron Paul speaks sense to many Americans and that is why the media and politicians shut him out of the political dialogue in America. Ron Paul has always ‘told it like it is” and in this short video he explains the power grab of the Corona Virus around the world and in the U.S. He tells it the way he sees it and hopes people will see it too. I am inclined to believe him on this subject and bring the world back to reason.

I saw an older man with a face mask on today in the center of my home town, we were the only two people on the entire main street. I was walking within 30 feet of him wearing my hat and sunglasses, leather gloves and a warm jacket. As he came out of the post office and saw me walking towards him he quickly ran to his car as if in total fear. I never met the man and unless he reads this webpage I gave him no reason to fear me. Listen to Ron Paul and make up your own mind to run away from people, close the economy, shutter in-home, wearing a mask or let nature take its course as it always does.




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Mar 16 2020




biden sanders debate 2020 picture

Here is the big debate in case you missed it last night. The bottom picture doesn’t do Bernie justice until  you hear what a pile of lies and bullshit Biden threw at him. I would like to see this debate staged as a WWE event headlined Mad Bernie vs. Crazy Joe no holds barred for 10 rounds.


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Mar 13 2020



The Coronavirus has so far infected 128,000 people in 114 countries, with 4700 deaths. Where it came from and how it spread so rapidly is still a mystery in the world medical communities. As of today, three states in the U.S have closed all their PK-12 schools leaving over 5 million children to stay at home. Parents will be scrambling to find sitters or family members to look after their young children for the next 14 to 30 days while schools are disinfected and children are quarantined and parents must go to work. This will create great hardships for these families and children.

As an elderly individual with preexisting conditions, I am a susceptible target for the virus, but there is little I can do other than to stay away from large crowds or community gatherings. I had to cancel a scheduled trip to visit my mother in an assisted living community in New York state after all elderly facilities were closed to visitors due to the massive number of virus infections currently in New York state and New York City. This is happening to people around the U.S and now in 114 countries. Italy recently closed its entire country because of so many virus infections causing hundreds of elderly citizens to die.

I have lived through numerous national pandemics and have caught the common flu and an occasional common cold, and most childhood diseases. Most people my age or older have caught many viruses and illnesses and recovered from them, due to their own hygiene habits, resilience, intelligence and the occasional visit to a doctor or hospital. Those who are reading this are alive and I hope reasonably healthy because they are careful, and have a natural resilience to certain diseases just as many of us will have the resilience to the Coronavirus. For those like myself who have compromised immunity all I can suggest is to be brave, be very careful of what you touch and keep vigilant of your hygiene practices. Don’t share food or drink with anyone from their plates or glasses, wash all produce and try to keep a certain space between yourself and others you do not know. Try not to shake hands instead, touch elbows or bow to greet someone, carry a handkerchief in case you need to blow your nose or sneeze. Stay out of work if you are sick, so as not to infect anyone else or to further infect yourself with other common diseases. It is better to lose a paycheck than lose your life.

I wish all my readers who are from every country in the world the very best of luck and good health and to be brave, careful, vigilant, patient and compassionate and understand that millions and billions of people are suffering not only from the Coronavirus but from all the maladies affecting humanity. This is a time for humanity to come together in peace and cooperation to cure the Coronavirus pandemic and other major illnesses and to stop wars and genocide throughout the world.  This is a time to thank all hospitals and medical workers everywhere for their commitment and concern to heal the sick. They deserve all the credit the world can grant them for they are the front line soldiers fighting the many medical illnesses in every country and every medical facility in the world.



hospital group with masks

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Mar 12 2020



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Mar 11 2020


andrew-yang standing on chair

I’m glad Andy Wang dropped out of the presidential race a month ago, yet like all the other lame deceitful Democrat losers he waited until Bernie needed his endorsement and sold out to Biden and the DNC establishment. Democrat reformers like Wang and Warren are mostly bullshit artists looking for name recognition and money donations. I am glad that my suspicion of Wang was right. His MATH lapel pin showed who he really was, nothing but a numbers counter hedging his bet on a convoluted equation that showed Sanders was in trouble after Super Tuesday when all the lightweight loser Democrat candidates new they had no chance and immediately endorsed Biden for a handout and pat on the head by the Biden campaign and the DNC, who was petrified of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination.

The Wang Banger can now feel good about themselves that their moronic math man gave his support to a dementia ridden Democrat. It tells the world a great deal about Wang’s establishment roots and fear of any revolutionary change to the sick and dying Democrat Party. Wang has lost all credibility in the Progressive Movement and can return to China where he can use his “math” talents to fight off the Corona Virus. In the meantime, Americans who want and will fight for real change in the government will continue their fight for justice and equality with a new political party that will shatter the two-party bought out system and lead the country and world with new bold ideas and ideals once the old system of politics and media control die when the old crusty corporate codgers finally die or retire or get fired for their complete and total incompetence and irrelevance just as cable news is going the way of the rotary telephone.

Bernie has a dream but few Americans over the age of 45 seem to see it or understand it especially older minority members.  The most frightening aspect of the voter turnout of recent primaries is sad, sold out minority voters who insist on believing in a failed system of government that excludes them. Every one of their elected officials regardless of race appears to sell out to the highest bidder. History has proven that once a Black or Latino gets elected they immediately bend down to the established system and become nothing more than a lackey willing sell their souls for money and power and deny the wellbeing of their constituents who elected them.

Bernie Sanders still has a chance to win the nomination, however, he can not unless his followers insist that he continue the race and realize that nothing in the system will ever change unless we make it change. Bernie’s ass-kissing Biden is no way to win; By Bernie Sanders acknowledging his friendship with Biden allows all of his questionable followers to accept Biden as the Democrat nominee and throughout Bernie with last night’s trash. It is now or never to change the system or it will never change and Trump will handily beat Biden in the presidential election because all the Walking Dead Democrats will vote for their Walking Dead candidate until Trump takes a knockout punch at “Old Joe” and knocks him out never to recover from his national disgrace, and the Democrat’s mass deception.



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Mar 10 2020




Bernie Sanders is balancing on a plank held up only by his loyal followers while all the “Democrat’ Sharks are waiting for him to fall into their jaws. I will make this statement today that if the nomination is stolen from Bernie Sanders I will never vote for another Democrat as long as I live. They have proven that not only are they vicious to their only viable presidential candidate, but they are so insanely corrupt and professionally jealous that they will destroy their own party to avoid nominating Bernie Sanders in the process. They are openly rigging the primaries and caucuses against Bernie by voter suppression in every major Bernie favored state.

I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat I have been an Independent since I was old enough to register to vote. However, I will admit to voting Democratic on numerous occasion and my last Democratic vote was in the 2018 election out of fear of more Republicans gaining power in my state legislature and the House of Representatives. If Bernie is destroyed by the Democrats again as they did in 2016 the Democrats will lose in 2020 to Trump and to Republicans because the Democratic Party is too dimwitted, weak and corrupt to attract any intelligent and forward-thinking people into their party. Bernie must win the nomination or the two opposing presidential candidates in 2020 will be dementia ridden Democrat, lying Joe Biden and the Impeached, incompetent and corrupt, lying, cheating Republican Donald Trump. Without Bernie Sanders as the nominee to stand up to Trump in a national debate, Trump will kick, punch and knock Biden out in a national debate, and most who watch would cheer for Trump as they would for any winning boxer in the ring.

If Democrats lose in the 2020 election they will lose everything. They will lose the House, Senate, and Presidency. They will be forever buried and trampled beneath the feet of Republicans, and a New Progressive Party that will lead America in a new direction while destroying the remaining remnants of the dead Democrat Party and defeating all Republican opposition.





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Mar 09 2020





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Mar 07 2020




The fact that Elizabeth Warren couldn’t win her own state of Massachusetts tells everyone she didn’t have a chance to win a general election even against Trump. “Pochahontas”  would have scrunched her face and waved her fist at Trump as he mocks her and the world laughs with him. Warren does not appeal to most men, because she appears to be very bossy and yelling at everyone. Her husband looks like the most henpecked guy in the country.

I read on the front page of the New York Post today that Bill Clinton confessed publicly that he had his affair with Monica Lewinsky because he was “under so much stress.”  Clinton lies like a rug and somehow gets away with it. Most men who cheat on their wives or girlfriends don’t do it to add more stress to their lives, they do it to get their rocks off because their wives or girlfriends don’t satisfy them sexually or mentally. Remember Bill is still married to Hillary and has had numerous affairs.

Warren is now bathing in the loser’s light or blaming misogyny as the reason for her failure in the primaries. It has nothing to do with her womanhood that people don’t like her, it’s her alignment to Hillary and her followers and her incessantly nagging voice of an aged, pedantic, teacher pointing her finger and yelling at some bored student who falls asleep during her lecture.

Trump had her pegged in 2016 when he called her “Pocahontas” when it was revealed that she was not part American Indian as she had stated. Now in 2020, she doesn’t talk about her Native American heritage, instead, she tries to present some odd form of Progressive Capitalism with bank and monopoly reform trying to offset Bernie’s campaign of Democratic Socialism. She is also a loyal Zionist and advocates the genocide of the Palestinians, of which Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish, has vehemently denounced Netanyahu’s right-wing government and treatment of the Palestinians.

Warren should no longer be welcomed by Bernie supporters if she does or does not endorse Bernie Sanders.  She appears to be hedging her few delegates by trading them to Biden or Sanders for a cabinet or VP position if they become the presidential nominee. Sanders would not benefit from a Warren VP or cabinet appointee neither would Biden and both know it. Elizabeth Warren should listen to Donald Trump who said: ” The reason she lost was because of her lack of talent.”



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Mar 05 2020


democrat establishment labrynth 2020

Super Tuesday proved that Bernie’s youth movement of loyal voters vanished in the Democrat establishment labyrinth of closed polling places on college campuses and rural polling places suddenly closed for no reason other than to suppress the liberal poor and youth votes in the primary states. Texas closed numerous polling places in Latino communities as well as poor black areas. So. Carolina closed its most rural polling places which used schools and community centers. Voter suppression was rampant on Super Tuesday, even in California.

Though I believe the Democrat Party has never played fair with Bernie Sanders, they now have taken off all masks and their most pathetic presidential candidates Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Steyer, and Bloomberg all endorsed Joe Biden, but too late for the Ballots to be changed and their names removed. So everyone who early voted on Super Tuesday lost their votes but the drop out candidates gave Biden their earned delegates, giving him an artificial lead in the primary outcomes.

Bernie’s youth movement is still there and hopefully stronger and angrier than any electorate has ever been, and more determined to defeat the Establishments’s Labyrinth by climbing over the walls, crushing all barriers and marching by the millions to take over all other primaries and the Democrat Party, and march on the national convention to demand their rights and demand their votes for Bernie Sanders be counted and ensure he becomes the Democrat Presidential Nominee. If the youthful voters in America do not demand their votes be counted and voices heard now and in this election, then they will never be heard and forever muted into the dead silence of indifference by the corrupt and contemptible Democrat Elites and the crooked and incompetent Democrat National Committee DNC with 500 paid off Super Delegates salivating to rob Bernie Sanders of his rightful nomination.




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Mar 04 2020


Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Walking Dead Democrats headed to Super Tuesday polling places to vote for their walking dead Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The Super Tuesday Democrat blowout brought out all the Democratic Walking Dead to the polls to vote for Joe Biden. Most early voters who voted for Butigeig, Kolbachar or Steyer lost out completely as these walking dead democratic candidates died before the primaries and endorsed Walking Dead Man Joe Biden. The Walking Dead Democratic Party and their corpse run DNC have officially announced their backing of the dead Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden. The only alive and well candidate Bernie Sanders won many of the major states where the majority of Liberal and alive voters voted for Bernie Sanders.

I am not a Democrat nor have I  ever been one, but Super Tuesday proved how many walking dead Democrats are actually voting in the primaries. Former Chicago Mayor John Daily was accused of election fraud back in the 1960s for counting dead people as active voters, which greatly aided the Democratic Party in Chicago elections. It appears that the Democrat Party has brought back millions of zombies to vote for Biden.

Bernie’s followers will never sit back and allow Walking Dead Democrats to deny Bernie the nomination. Even though the Walking Dead Democrats prove to be dangerous and capable of biting or infecting other people Bernie’s people will fight back with every weapon available, protests, marches, and verbal damnation on social media of the DNC and every Walking Dead Democrat in the country. Anyone alive and angry at the Dead Democrats will burn down the DNC and create a major new political party of alive and well progressive liberals who will never allow themselves to be defeated by the Walking Dead Democrats in the establishment media, and those running for elected office anywhere in the U.S.



Walker (Co-Executive Producer/SFX Make-Up Supervisor Greg Nicotero) - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Walking Dead Joe Biden celebrates after his rigged victories in So. Carolina and rigged Super Tuesday states. 


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Mar 02 2020


First published on May 7,  2015


republicans and democrats suck graffit seriesBernie Sanders is a firebrand, Independent, senator from Vermont, who according to recent news reports has already raised $3 million dollars since he announced three weeks ago that he was a candidate for President in 2016.  Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist with a 70% approval rating in his home state of Vermont. It appears that the now older “Deanie Babies” and Anti War Liberals of the last decade, have forgotten the former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean’s traitorous run for President in 2004.

Howard Dean gained great national attention for his public condemnation of G.W.Bush and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and his socialist policies of establishing universal health care, which he had successfully created as Governor of Vermont, and he also established civil unions as a right for same-sex couples in Vermont. His cutting edge social policies and his swagger as an Independent styled Democratic Maverick appealed to liberal Americans, who were disgusted by all the other “died in the wool” Democratic Candidates. Howard Dean raised $90 million dollars by the time he entered the Iowa Democratic Primary, and he was in the lead by all political polls. His innovative internet campaign, designed by his campaign manager Joe Trippi, revolutionized online funding for political candidates, and out-funded all of his rivals in the Democratic Primaries. Howard Dean and his campaign managers led the liberal voters into a virtual candidacy.  Millions of formerly Democratic voters disliked and distrusted the Democratic Party, and were led to believe Howard Dean might be the Man, who could save the United States from two wars and the rabid corruption and dysfunction of the G.W Bush Administration and the “conservative” crazies in the Republican Party.

During the first Democratic Primary Debate in Iowa, Dean was deliberately attacked and humiliated by every contender on the stage in an orchestrated gang assault against Dean. Especially blunt and brutal was the verbal assault by  Richard Gephardt who was forced to drop out of the race, ( some said he fell on his sword) by his belligerent and foolish assault against Howard Dean. Dean had won the debate hands down regardless of the all-out assault by the other candidates against him. Most who watched the debate felt sorry for Howard Dean and gained a greater perception of the desperation and the true debased characters of the other Democratic Candidates.   Howard Dean lost the Iowa Primary and ended his campaign when he was suddenly publicly discredited and publicly humiliated by the Main Stream Media, and betrayed by a closed-door deal made by John Kerry and the Democratic Party in Iowa.  John Kerry was the first to declare his candidacy and received all the early headlines. All the publicity he received hurt him more than helped. He was dead last of all the Democratic Presidential Candidates in the polls and was trailing 25 percentage points in Iowa, behind Al Sharpton, who was the second to the last in approval polls as a candidate. No one in the public, who supported Howard Dean could understand how John Kerry, the least liked of all the candidates could have won in Iowa.

In 2004 I was one of the first commercially aired talk show hosts in the nation to endorse Howard Dean prior to the Iowa Primary. I didn’t realize until the primary loss in Iowa that all I and other hopeful Americans were screwed again by the political system. Howard Dean drew in all the left-leaning Americans, who refused to vote again for anyone in the two-party system after the scandal of the 2000 election and the remarkable campaign of Ralph Nader. He revealed to Americans the hypocrisy and criminality of what he coined “The Duopoly of the American political system.”   Kerry went on through the remaining primaries virtually unchallenged by the other candidates, since he won the Iowa primary, and then the New Hampshire Primary. The liberal American voters all knew the Democratic Primary was rigged so that the worst candidate would be chosen to challenge G.W. Bush in the election.  Kerry lost the election in 2004 against  G.W. Bush, and conceded the election, even though it was proven that voting machines were corrupted by the Republicans around the country. Democratic voters were warned before the election that Republicans had rigged the 2000 election and had done the same in the 2004 election. Democratic voters were demanding provisional paper ballots instead of using voting machines. Kerry conceded the election within 24 hours, though all results were not in, and it was verified that voting fraud by the Republicans was rampant in every major state. Investigators found that over 3 million provisional ballots of Democratic voters were not counted and were destroyed by Republican Voter Registrars, some Registrars and Secretaries of State were later indicted for election fraud.

John Kerry’s traitorous defeat was orchestrated by the Democratic and Republican Parties to keep the wars going, and fuel the Military Industrial Complex with trillions of more tax dollars, that destroyed the U.S economy, and cost millions of Iraqis and Afghanistan people their lives. The re-election of G.W.Bush destroyed these countries, by war and led the U.S to defeat after 14 years of war in the Middle East.   This brief history of the 2004 election must be known and remembered by all Americans now being entertained by the latest political candidates for President. Bernie Sanders may be legitimate and earnest in his beliefs and desire to run for President, however, I once thought Howard Dean was legitimate and earnest as well until he ended his campaign after the Iowa Primary and later endorsed John Kerry.

It was reported that Howard Dean spent 40 million dollars on his campaign. and of that, he gave Joe Trippi $10 million. The remainder of the $90 million dollars was $50 million and was kept by Mr. Dean because the election laws to this day allow all political candidates to keep the money they personally raise if they decide not to run or to drop out of a race. Howard Dean shortly after the 2004 election was granted a new job by the Democratic National Committee as their new Chairman.  That was the final slap in the face of the liberal American voter, who for a fleeting moment in history believed that someone in the world of American politics might be real and not corrupted.

This article is a warning to my readers. I see the same game unfolding in the 2016 election that happened in the 2004 election.  Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate and disliked by the majority of liberal and progressive voters, who preferred Elizabeth Warren as their candidate. Since she was told by the Democratic Party not to run against Hillary, the party chose Bernie Sanders to gather in all the disenchanted liberals and Progressives, who would never vote for Hillary Clinton. This is the same plan the Democrats played in 2004. They knew no one would vote for John Kerry unless they were forced to after Howard Dean betrayed them. They and their corporate contributors wanted G.W. Bush to win and underestimated the hatred of Americans towards G.W. Bush when both parties had to hide the fact that John Kerry actually won the election regardless of their best-laid plan. Kerry had to concede immediately to collect his payoff and reward for betraying the American people. The majority of American people believed anything or anyone would be better than suffering four more years of G.W. Bush’s leadership that, bankrupted the country morally and economically.

We must remember that the U.S is owned and ruled by the wealthiest 1% of the population, who through the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court allows unlimited amounts of money by individual and corporate donors to buy political candidates for any elected office.  The American people were sold out and deceived in the elections of 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 and will be again in 2016; unless we refuse to play the game, and demand integrity and honesty of our political candidates, and refuse as a majority to give any political party a victory.  Bernie Sanders is running as a Democrat. He already sold out. Bernie Sanders is Jewish and historically stated throughout his career that he is completely loyal to Israel. We can not expect anything new from Bernie Sanders other than more of the same, and an even greater financial and military commitment and involvement in the genocide of the Palestinian people, and further conflict in the Middle East.

Isn’t it strange that the only progressive liberal candidate for President is from Vermont, has all the same political policies and leanings as Howard Dean did during his 2004 campaign, and he is running against a Democratic Candidate that no one wants as President? History has a way of repeating itself, and in politics, the outcome of the game of who wins in Presidential Politics is always decided by both political parties well before the election.

L.A. Steel


Hillary says, “Vote for me Sweetie!”

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Feb 28 2020

83% of South Carolina’s Black Voters Voted for Hillary in 2016 and Trump Won the Election

shady joe biden 2020

Democrat “King Maker” Rep. Jim Clyburn stated when giving his endorsement to Joe Biden, ” We vote for Presidents in So.Carolina.” In 2016 Hillary Clinton won 83% of the Black vote in So. Carolina and lost her election to Trump. It appears that the So. Carolina Black Voters missed their mark with that vote. The Jim Clyburn “fish fry” vote is a farce of Democrat politics in his endorsement of Joe Biden. Nearly 20% of So. Carolinians live in poverty, the state is actually over 60% White conservatives who still love the Confederate Flag and the KKK and Lindsey Graham. Clyburn’s FISH FRY is his claim to fame along with placing his daughter on the board of the FCC and his son in law on the board of a recently opened minority bank in So. Carolina funded by presidential candidate and billionaire Tom Steyer, and the numerous financial offers and favors he’s received over his many terms in office to become the Majority Whip of the Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Joe Biden is another Hillary. She lied and deceived the Black voters in So. Carolina just as she deceived all black Americans with her white elitism and callous indifference to the plight of Black people in the U.S. As the nation is focused this week on So. Carolina and the Democrat Party prays for a Biden victory in the state primary on Saturday, to herald” Good Old Joe” as the possible nominee over Bernie Sanders. For some reason So. Carolina black voters are in love with Old Joe, but no one seems to understand why, since Old Joe has played the racist card so many times throughout his career, but that doesn’t bother Clyburn or his sycophants in the So. Carolina Democrat Party or Black voters.

I hope Bernie overwhelms Biden and Clyburn in So. Carolina throwing both under the bus of Progressive politics, and defeating tired dementia ridden ‘Old Joe” and his Fish Fry Friend Jim Clyburn. The recent anti-Joe Biden ad by the Trump campaign has been called out to cease and desist by  Barack Obama for using one of the statements he made in his audio version of his autobiography “Dreams of my Father” describing how Black voters were once led by their black leaders to “sell their souls for a Christmas Turkey” all while shady pictures of Joe Biden played during the ad, insinuating that “Old Joe” was a fraud as were the Black leaders who endorse him.

Bloomberg has been paying off Black politicians and activists recently for their endorsements, he recently gave Stacy Abrahms in Georgia $ 5million dollars for her non-profit and major payments to black caucus members and legislators in each primary state. It’s not just the black politicians that are getting their palms greased by Bloomberg, it appears Bloomberg paid $300,000 to the DNC and an untold amount to Tom Perez chairman of the DNC and a majority number of their board members to allow him into the Democrat Debates by changing the qualifying rules after over half of the original candidates dropped out of the race because they didn’t qualify.

It is time for a revolution and a major change in U.S politics. Bernie Sanders appears to be the only candidate promising that change. His millions of followers and volunteers are those who will change the system and the Democrat Party, or they will begin their own party that will dominate U.S politics for the rest of the 21st century.



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Feb 27 2020


pence and trump patsy picture 2020

Mike Pence has been noted by many political critics ( particularly George Will) as being a complete idiot and Trump sycophant who will say and do anything Trump asks him to do. Yesterday at Trump’s Coronavirus News Conference, Trump said after downplaying the significance of the pandemic the previous day in India, he again stated at the conference that the infection wasn’t spreading in the U.S and only 15 Americans have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus and all were being cured. That statement was another major Trump lie, as of yesterday 60 people in the U.S have been diagnosed with the virus and none have been cured.

Since the beginning of February 2020, the Dow Jones average has dropped 2400 points due to the pandemic scare affecting the Asian supply chain to major companies and the drastic drop in the value of travel and airline companies worldwide and the impending major price decline of gas and diesel fuel. Pence makes the perfect Patsy and fall guy for Trump to blame his sinking poll numbers and the stock market on. If anything gets worse he can point to Pence and say “Hey Mike WTF is happening? I put you in charge of this mess, so clean it up.”

Trump has mentioned several times in the past year that he might consider a new running mate for his re-election campaign.  Mike Pence makes Trump’s perfect ventriloquist dummy, and he stupidly and publicly stated during the debate in the Senate to eliminate Obamacare, that “Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ doesn’t need medical insurance.” Pence is a born-again-evangelist who believes Jesus would separate children from their parents at the border and put them in cages, and deny food and water and basic medical care to immigrants.

No one doubts that Pence is a flaming idiot, no one except other flaming idiots. Pence makes the perfect Pandemic Patsy because he knows nothing about the topic and nothing about anything other than how to bend over and kiss Trump’s ass, which up until now has kept Trump from replacing him. However, if the economy tanks in the next few months and the Coronavirus pandemic explodes in the U.S, Pence will be seen on every cable news outlet bending on his knees leading his interviewers in prayer to Jesus, to stop the pandemic before it kills his political career.




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Feb 26 2020


debate picture group So Carolina 2020


After last night’s Democrat Debate Disaster poor Joe Biden lost his cool (if he ever had any) and became  “A lying dog-faced pony soldier” after he was unable to finish his rant against the CBS debate monitors Gale King and Nora O’Donnell who constantly skipped over Biden and called on others who then attacked him. Amy Klobuchar sternly corrected Joe Biden when he said he wrote the Crime Bill in the Senate, Klobuchar angrily shouted out that she wrote the Bill, not Joe. Desperate Joe was caught in his lie.  Joe Biden desperately needs a win in South Carolina in Saturday’s primary or he will have to drop out of the race when his donations dry up. His longtime friend Rep. Jim Clyburn gave Desperate Joe his endorsement feeling sorry for him after poor Joe got beat up in the Democrat Debate.

A major Poll gave Desperate Joe a 2 point lead over Sanders in So. Carolina one day before the debate. I have not heard of or read any recent poll on the debate performances but I am certain without Clyburn’s endorsement Biden would have seriously fallen in his poll standings and may still have lost points especially to Amy Klobuchar. She made a strong showing in the debate ripping apart Desperate Joe, then beating up Buttigieg and banging on Bloomberg. Liz Warren didn’t help herself in the debate, except when she stated why she hated Bloomberg. She said Bloomberg gave her Senate opponent millions of dollars to run against her because or Warren’s threat to Wall Street and his fortune.  Warren won her election and still secures her Senate seat. Also, Warren attacked Bloomberg  for not releasing the Non-Disclosure Agreements of all the women in his company who made complaints of sexual harassment charges against Bloomberg specifically the pregnant employee who Bloomberg told her to “kill it.” Bloomberg vehemently denied he said that, but Warren said she was stating what Bloomberg’s employee told her.

The only candidate I felt sorry for was billionaire Tom Steyer who also made a strong last stand in defense of his record on his treatment of minorities and reparations. Biden won Jim Clyburn’s endorsement today, but Tom Steyer has been greasing Clyburn’s palms by renting his daughter’s home in So. Carolina since October 2019 for a stated $40,000 dollars to date. Steyer also founded a bank to service minorities in Clyburn’s district and gave Clyburn’s son in law a job on the bank’s board of directors. Since Clyburn snubbed Steyer by endorsing Biden, Steyer will probably close the bank and vacate his rental house shortly after Saturday’s primary results are in.

Once again the biggest loser was Money Mike Bloomberg who lost the Debate and ended it by stating he had “bought” the 41 new Democrats who won House seats in 2018 ” and quickly corrected himself and said, he “contributed to their campaigns.” The rest of the debate became out of control, where everyone was interrupting everyone else and two male CBS monitors were added to the panel. At that moment the questions became more aggressive and pointed against Bernie Sanders as Bernie was attacked on all sides. He continually raised his hand to rebut his accusers but none of the monitors would call on him until he finally had enough and shouted out his rebuttals to all who could hear and ignored the CBS debate monitors and continued his arguments, while Joe Biden and Bloomberg, Steyer, and Buttigieg all shouted at each other until one of the CBS panelists called for a commercial break, to give time to cool everyone down before the debate became a national embarrassment and the candidates got into fistfights.  I credit Bernie’s great sense of humor that mastered the moment as the only one broadly smiling after the commercial break. Bernie was the first candidate interviewed shortly after the debate by all major network reporters. He was charming and confident when speaking to the reporters seeming to know he was the winner of the debate and still the front runner for the Democratic nomination.

RUN BERNIE RUN! It looks like 2020 is Bernie’s year. I wish him the best of luck and my support. If any of my readers would like to support Bernie’s campaign with a small donation please go to his campaign website BERNIESANDERS.COM,



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Feb 25 2020


money in hand

“MONEY MIKE” Bloomberg is spending $500 million dollars of his own personal fortune on attack ads against Bernie Sanders, that amount of money could permanently feed, clothe and house every homeless man, woman, and child in the country. In the last devastating Democrat debate, Bloomberg was destroyed by Warren and Sanders for trying to buy the Democratic Nomination without any donations, debates, delivering speeches or doing anything other than laying back in bed playing with himself while spending his own unlimited money advertising around the country how wonderful he is.

Attacking Bernie Sanders cost Elizabeth Warren any lead she had with progressive voters and she is now trailing even Buttigieg and Biden in all polls in 4th or 5th place.  Bloomberg’s $500 million dollar ad buys against Bernie Sanders scheduled before Super Tuesday primaries will knock out Bloomberg to the last place in all national polls as he lays back with his billions into a billionaire bust, and is scorned, laughed at and humiliated by everyone in the country. Bernie Sanders will destroy Bloomberg in all the primaries and devastate him in tonight’s So. Carolina presidential debate, while Bloomberg seethes in his hatred for Sanders and pouts with his paid-for privilege being on the debate floor. Warren, Sanders, and Biden will be standing in their iron toed shoes shined and ready to kick and tromp all over Bloomberg.

A dog-faced, bigoted billionaire against a Social Democrat makes the 2020 presidential race a climatic and historical event and a must-win for all who demand radical democratic change in our political and social systems. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for president who has the vision and commitment to do it. Anyone who votes for Bloomberg is either a billionaire or billionaire wannabe or is bought off to vote or work for Bloomberg and doesn’t understand the basic economic and political principles and devastating consequences of uncontrolled capitalism of which only 1% of the U.S population benefits by. The remaining 99% can only dream of winning the Powerball with a $2.00 ticket to ever achieve great wealth or for 40% of Americans to even rise above the poverty level in the U.S.




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Feb 19 2020



With his eleven recent pardons of notorious murderers crooks and thieves, Trump is planning his new Cabinet. Bill Barr will soon be fired and replaced by Crystal Munoz who in 2008 was convicted for conspiring to possess with intent to distribute marijuana, according to a petition filed by the Criminal Defense Clinic at the Texas A&M University School of Law. Ms. Munoz, who was sentenced to nearly two decades in prison, drew a map that her friends used in a large marijuana trafficking operation.

Sec.of State Pompeo will be pushed out and replaced by Rudy Guiliani former NYC mayor and Trump’s personal attorney, and Esper Sec.of Defense will soon be replaced by pardoned former Navy Seal  Edward Gallagher,  Bernard Kerik pardoned former NYC police commissioner appointed by Rudy Guiliani will be the new Sec.of Homeland Security, Rod Blagojevich will replace Kevin Mulvaney as Trump’s Chief of Staff, Michael Milken “king of junk bonds” will replace Steve Mnuchin as Sec. of Treasury, and Judith Negron will replace Alex Azar as Sec. of Health and Human Services. She was sentenced to 35 years in prison in 2011 for her role in orchestrating a $205 million Medicare fraud scheme as the owner of a mental health care company in Miami.

Donald Trump is getting ready for his second term in office, as he prepares his new Cabinet and Administration of loyal criminals and sycophants to undermine and destroy the U.S government while inviting Vladimir Putin to sit in Trump’s chair in the Oval Office. If Americans allow Trump to continue in his charade as President America will become a corrupt third world country destroyed by the stupidity and indifference of its own people and the belligerent, arrogant stupidity and outright treason of both political parties and the members all three branches of the U.S government.



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Feb 19 2020


tom perez picture as demonic dnc demagogue


Tom Perez Chairman of the DNC has turned the Democratic Party into the most corrupt and moronic political organization ever created. His incompetence and corruption are so completely obvious to most Americans, especially after the DNC debacle in the Iowa Caucus benefitting Buttigieg and the recent rule changes to allow Bloomberg to enter the Democratic Debates with a $300.000 donation to the DNC, without any compliance with the original debate qualifications that led to the withdrawal of the majority of presidential candidates. Perez’s new rule change has created a crisis of contempt against the dimwitted Perez and every corrupt member of the DNC. Only a completely corrupt and incompetent moron like Perez could plunge the Democratic Party into the abyss it is in now. Proof of my statement is Donald Trump could win reelection even after being Impeached because the idiots running the DNC are too incompetent to compete against the most corrupt president and Republican Party in American History.

Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate who can take on the corruption of the DNC but I am concerned that Perez and his corrupt and incompetent minions will destroy the Democratic Party by their complete incompetence and corruption, to destroy Bernie Sander’s presidential nomination. Perez must resign or be fired before he and his moronic minions destroy the Democratic Party forever, and Trump becomes the King of the U.S by default and Republicans reign by rigging the elections without any resistance from the Democratic Party. 2020 may well be the death of the Democrats and American democracy if they cannot win or even hold their own seats in the House and Senate against the most corrupt president and Republican party in history.


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Feb 16 2020


northwest corner series 2

Few people seek the dream of a new world or a new America where corruption, greed, cruelty, and ignorance are absent from the minds and hearts of men and women. Humanity must envision a blissful world of harmony, hope, and endless possibility where humanity and nature are one and humanity respects the beauty of nature and creation instead of embracing the blinding greed that obscures our vision pillages our populations and natural resources and destroys our world-leading us to extinction. Our Creator has promised our return to Eden if we continue our eternal faith in his promise.


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Feb 12 2020



It has become obvious to even the lowest information Americans that something is terribly wrong with Donald Trump. He’s become completely erratic and incomprehensible as he slurs his speech and talks insanely on practically every topic he speaks on or question he is asked by the press. He is firing all or most of his administration officials who slightly disagree with him and speaks defamingly about everyone and anyone who questions him or criticizes his insane commands.

His orange colored face proves he’s obsessed with his vanity and his narcissism is out of control. These are all signs of a decomposing mental and physical state overwhelmed by his own paranoia of everyone in the White House and Congress wanting him removed. The $80 million dollar ransom on his head placed by the Leader of Iran and the several attacks on his resorts and hotels especially Mar a largo in Florida. and the reported mounting financial losses of all his properties worldwide are leading him to desperation. The insane reactions of his family in their desperate public defense of themselves and their father have become fodder for late-night comedians and a national mockery of his entire illegal business empire of billion-dollar Russian loans and Saudi Arabia’s billion-dollar bailouts of Trump’s failed casinos and failed real estate developments.

The record and rapid level of Trump’s physical and mental decline are publicly alarming however he still maintains some semblance of someone alive and walking. I believe his health will soon become so obviously poor that he will be hospitalized by either heart failure of removed from the White House by medics and Secret Service personnel who are witnessing a complete mental and physical breakdown of Donald Trump.  At the rate of his rapid decline I believe he will be in total crash mode within a few months from this writing. As we watch his public decline over the next few weeks and months, the American people and everyone around the world will be astounded by the danger of his mental decline leading to the death of Donald Trump either by his own delusions and paranoic depression or by the overt removal of him from the White House by medical and Secret Service personnel.





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Feb 11 2020


sized earth

(Howard Zinn)

“Being optimistic in bad times is not romantic and foolish. It is based on the fact that the history of humanity is a history not only of cruelty but also of sympathy, sacrifice, courage, and teamwork. What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, this destroys our ability to do something. If we remember those times and places – and there are a lot of them – where people act wonderfully, this gives us the energy to work, and at least the ability to send this world in a different direction instead of destruction. We wait for the perfect future until it happens an endless series of gifts and accomplishments. Living now as we believe human beings must live in defiance of all that is bad around us, is in itself a wonderful victory. ”


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Feb 07 2020



Trump will never be forgiven or acquitted by the American people, except by his Neo-Nazi fascist followers and hate-driven evangelists.  I believe if there is any sense of decency or morality and justice left in America Trump and his sycophants in the Senate and House of Representatives will be destroyed and cast into the oblivion of political hell and obscurity.  Their careers will be destroyed, their corrupt fortunes will be taken from them and they and their families will be arrested for corruption and their names will be cursed throughout history as traitors, crooks and cowards. These deranged hypocrites are beyond salvation. Every hypocritical Trumpian evangelist mocks all truth and justice, and any semblance of Godliness is stricken from them as their evil distorts their faces and bodies and they squirm in despair and fear of eternal damnation.

Where is justice? Where is grace? Where are we the American people as Trump and his minions take over our country and destroy all justice, morality, beauty and all worth living for? They steal from the poor and aged by their greed and hatred murdering the masses by denying them a basic livable wage keeping millions of Americans in poverty and denying basic health services, food and shelter assistance forcing millions into starvation and homelessness.  As the world burns with raging fires and is flooded by swollen rivers and rising oceans little or nothing is being done by Trump and his minions to prevent or stop the horror of Climate Change as they continue to ravage and pollute the precious lands and waterways of the earth to satisfy their greed and cruelty, ignoring any sustainable future for generations to come. Unless Trump and his minions are stopped and punished humanity will never survive the vengeance and wrath of Nature as it evicts all humanity from the Earth by extinction. If our Creator is just and merciful then Trump and his minions will forever be banished from existence, never to plague the planet again.




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Feb 06 2020


This RT video report is proof that the Democrat Iowa Caucus was rigged for ButtIgeig by the Democratic Party even though Bernie Sanders really won by a landslide. This video report lays out the entire plot by Buttigieg and his connection to the “Shadow” company that created the App that screwed up the Iowa Caucus vote tallies virtually nullifying all Iowa voting results and proves once again the Democrats will do anything to keep Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination.


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Feb 05 2020



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Feb 05 2020


pepe lips quiver

I was embarrassed and humiliated as an American citizen last night after struggling through the first five minutes of each pathetic speech made by both political parties. Trump’s speech was so poor and sick I could not tolerate more than five minutes of it without turning off the television. I watched only a few minutes of the Democratic Response on Youtube this morning and was disappointed once again by the Democrats” poor choice of speakers (last year they had Stacy Abrahms) giving their lightweight Democratic Response. Michigan’s newly elected governor made her first five minutes of political pablum about a 13-year-old boy from  Muskegon Heights, Michigan filling potholes, which said everything about the sad state of Michigan’s infrastructure and roads and the ongoing decline of Democrat and Republican-run cities and towns throughout the country.

I appreciate the people of Michigan for their enduring some of the worst-run cities in the U.S. Flint and Detroit are exceptionally sad examples of failed city and state governments. I have had an overwhelming number of visits to this website from Michigan readers in the last few months and I thank them sincerely for their interest.  I attribute the great rise in Michigan readership in part due to their growing progressive attitudes but also to their recent legalization of recreational marijuana. My congratulations to the smart people of Michigan, I can only wish that the moronic legislators in Connecticut would wake up and legalize recreational weed especially since my immediate neighbors in Massachusetts are enjoying the benefits of legalized recreational and medical marijuana.

Trump’s State of the Union speech was the worst I have ever heard next to his first and second SOTUA and every speech he has made since his election. Be well America, stand strong against this criminal president and his criminal Republicans Party, and the weak-kneed incompetent Democratic Party and help take back our democracy and constitutional government before it is too late and we all die of disgust, resentment, cynicism and ceaseless rage against our government and each other.



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Feb 04 2020



The total incompetence of the Democratic Iowa Caucus officials and low information, low tech party officials and voters on 2/3/2020 will be remembered in history as the day Iowa died as a political power in presidential elections.  There is no excuse for the Democrat Party officials’ utter incompetence handling their primitive Caucus. The Iowa Caucus has no validity left as a viable or relevant contest for presidential candidates. After this year’s incompetent failure by the Iowa Democratic Party no presidential candidate in any future election will even appear in Iowa to secure their meer 41 Democratic delegates or 1% of all delegates nationwide to be nominated. . After 2020 the Iowa Caucus will be ended and considered a worthless 50-year-old outdated method of elections, instituted prior to the internet, smartphones or satellite technology.

I pity all the remarkable workers and volunteers who wasted their time and passion for their candidates to see all their hard work be for nothing by the incompetent Democratic Iowa officials who delayed the election results by days and may never be able to give an accurate count of the Caucus results, nullifying the entire Democratic Caucus. I am sorry for the people of Iowa who put their faith in a foolish, incompetent and idiotic Democratic Party. Americans can only pray and hope that the rest of the primaries and elections in other states will be conducted competently and accurately, but between Democratic Incompetence, Republican rigging of elections and mainstream media mindlessness and elitist bias only a complete revolution will save this country and the only people who can save this country by turning the establishment and media on its head are Bernie Sanders and all Progressives who truly believe in Democracy, Justice, fairness, racial and financial equality. They are the future and present. Americans are witnessing the fall of American elitism and the rise of American justice and equality.



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Feb 04 2020



If the Iowa Democratic Party hasn’t rigged the Caucus results I predict Bernie has won by over 50% of the voters. Bernie supporters can only hope the DNC doesn’t fuck them over again as they did in 2016. Interestingly enough the Des Moines Register Poll one of the oldest and most accurate in the state did not publish their results due to an impropriety in their poll results. Bernie has won Iowa by a crushing landslide that no one in the DNC wants to admit.


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Feb 03 2020


Trump’s and Republicans’ evil is now aware to everyone. We have to wonder how much they all got paid by the Russians to betray the country. Every Trump lawyer and spokesperson are as evil and traitorous as anyone has ever seen in American History.

pepe dark and red


42633848_10155740395566517_8111473074857050112_n (1)



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Jan 31 2020




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Jan 30 2020



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Jan 29 2020



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Jan 28 2020


This is the final episode of Trump’s Impeachment defense by the “Confederacy of Dunces” which is the new name for Trump’s attornies given to them by Joe Scarborough a former Republican Congressman and current host of the MSNBC morning program “Morning Joe’. Joe also named Mitch McConnel “Moscow Mitch” which became McConnel’s viral new nickname. The last two days of Trump’s legal team’s defense was considered by most legal scholars and former and present prosecutors as a farce and a performance by incompetent lawyers and Trump sycophants. Two of Trump’s prominent attornies are Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz both former attornies for the late imprisoned pedophile and friend of Donald Trump  Jeffery Epstein. Dershowitz has been accused of having sex with one of Epstein’s underage prostitutes. Dershowitz was also one of OJ Simpson’s trial lawyers during OJ’s notorious murder trial of his ex-wife. As many as 10 Republican Senators are ready to demand witnesses and documents denied by the White House to continue the Impeachment Trial and dismissing the idiotic legal defense by Trump’s “Confederacy of Dunces” to dismiss all charges against Trump.



trump dancing



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Jan 27 2020



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Jan 26 2020


Seldom in my lifetime have I heard such a moving speech. Adam Schiff will be recognized in history as one of America’s greatest elected officials and orators. His closing argument to the Senate should be watched by every American regardless of political party or preference. Representative Adam Schiff has proven his brilliance repeatedly during his hearings as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee and Lead House Impeachment  Manager during the Senate Impeachment Trial. I present this video of Adam Schiff’s historic closing Senate speech as a proud example of American Democracy and by one democratically elected and constitutionally empowered American demanding the removal of sitting President Donald J.Trump by the U.S Senate.




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Jan 25 2020






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Jan 25 2020



As an eye witness to the entire televised public Congressional Impeachment hearings and the Senate Impeachment trial, (all archived on this website) I am convinced honest and patriotic Americans who followed any of the House hearings and  Senate trial,  cannot honestly believe the Senate should dismiss the Impeachment of Trump, and not demand critical witnesses and documents that prove the guilt and criminality of Donald Trump who has illegally denied all access to these documents and witnesses. These witnesses and documents are not Trump’s to keep secret. All requested documents from the administration belong to the American people, all Trump administration employees work for the American people, not Donald Trump. Donald Trump is an employee of the American people and has no right to withhold evidence and witnesses subpoenaed by the House of Representatives.

If the Republican majority in the Senate all bow to the bullying of Trump, then none of them have any courage or integrity, nor do any of them deserve to sit in their seats as oath-taking defenders of the Constitution and as Jurors in the Senate Impeachment trial of Donald Trump.  If no subpoenaed witnesses are called or subpoenaed documents released then our Constitution and Republic are ruined. The Republicans will be responsible for the destruction of our country and form of government. The Republicans by their complete indifference, ignorance and criminal intent will forever be known as a Criminal Enterprise and the party of imbecilic criminal mobsters directed by their mob boss Donald Trump.

I pray to the Creator of Humanity to save American Democracy and Constitutional Government as a beacon of hope and justice for all future generations of Americans and to people around the world. If the Republicans in the Senate want their careers and reputations to survive beyond the month of January 2020 or be damned throughout history as cowards and criminals and the murderers of American Democracy, they must not allow themselves to be threatened or harassed by their corrupt and incompetent leaders Mitch McConnel, Lindsey Graham and Dictator Donald Trump.

Republican Senators must vote their conscience and do their righteous and courageous duty of removing Donald Trump from the office of President,  If they refuse to do so they will condemn themselves and all Americans to the tyranny of an evil and insane despot who will plunge the United States into rebellion, chaos, and war resulting in the violent destruction of American law, justice, government, and society.





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Jan 24 2020




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Jan 23 2020



trump dancing 2

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Jan 22 2020




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Jan 21 2020


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Jan 16 2020



Today is a historic moment in U.S History. Impeachment Manager for the House of Reps Rep.Adam Schiff reads the Articles of Impeachment of President Donald Trump to the Senate. This reading marks the official notice of the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate and the beginning of the Senate trial to remove Trump from office.



pepe punching



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Jan 16 2020


Lev Parnis made history yesterday in his official release of damning evidence against Trump and every member of his Administration including Trump’s trained monkey  Rep.Nunes. Also, he gave an interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Lev Parnas revealed the depth of the conspiracy Trump and his top Cabinet members were involved with led by Rudy Guilliani Trump’s personal lawyer. He said that the threats against Ambassador Yovanovich were real and all were on the orders of Trump. Trump and Pompeo had her threatened and surveilled. Yovanovich testified in the Intell Committee hearing that one of her friends a Ukrainian Security Agent warned her in a 1:AM phone call, that she was in danger and should leave the country on the first plane she could get. After the warning she took the first plane she could back to the U.S and reported this threat to her superiors and Pompeo, she was then fired from her job as the Ukrainian Ambassador without reason or answers.

During her live committee hearing, Trump Tweeted an insult at her which went viral and was read to her during the public testimony. She was obviously shaken by Trump’s intimidation and said she never found out why she was fired except that Guilliani made him do it because she fought the rabid corruption in Ukraine, Guilliani was paid $500,000 by Lev Parnas and his partner Igor Furman to help get rid of Ambassador Yovanovich and threaten President Zelensky with Trump’s hold up of the much needed 400 million dollars in defense aid for their war against Russia. Trump demanded Zelenzky make a public statement that he would investigate Joe Biden and his son’s involvement with the energy company Burisma.

After his arrest in the U.S Lev Parnas decided to release all this information and phone conversations with Guliani and others and voluntarily testify in the House and Senate hearings after Trump publicly denied knowing him by stating to the press” I never knew them.” regarding Lev and his partner Igor. Lev Parnas told Rachel Maddow that he was very surprised and hurt that Trump denied ever knowing him since he had met him many times. Lev stated “I worshipped him. He was the Savior. My wife was embarrassed I had a shrine to him in my home.”

Lev Parnas is just another greedy soul caught up in the Trump web of deception. Lev Parnas owned a lobbying company in Ukraine named “Fraud Guaranteed”, he lives in Florida and hired Rudy Guilliani for a fee of  $500,000, while Guilliani was working for Trump . Lev Parnas may be remembered as the man who destroyed Donald Trump. Yesterday Nancy Pelosi delivered the amended Articles of Impeachment to the Senate which included further direct evidence of over 300 emails and phone conversations by Lev Parnas to Guiliani, Zelensky, and the Corrupt Ukrainian Prosecutor who wanted Ambassador Yovanovich removed from office due to her hardline against corruption in  Ukraine.

Lev Parnas isn’t heroic, he was betrayed by Guiliani and Trump and his only redemption is to tell the truth as a witness to Trump’s threat of the Ukrainian president for a “political favor” and to bring down Trump, who Parnas said he once worshipped.

L.A. Steel




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Jan 10 2020




48989558_2092702520785974_4809835928061214720_n (1)65139854_2433201360075922_2454440347850244096_n

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Jan 08 2020


This is one of the most pathetic speeches ever given by a sitting president. Look at the stern and stupid looks on the faces of Trump’s generals and Cabinet members and Mike Pence. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was forced to resign yesterday because he vehemently disagreed with Trump’s decision to assassinate the Iranian top general.  Trump’s speech is noticeably slurred, and his insincerity is drooling down his chin.  No one in the U.S or around the planet believes anything Trump says. He has become the icon of insane Presidents and despotic world leaders.



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