Mar 13 2020

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The Coronavirus has so far infected 128,000 people in 114 countries, with 4700 deaths. Where it came from and how it spread so rapidly is still a mystery in the world medical communities. As of today, three states in the U.S have closed all their PK-12 schools leaving over 5 million children to stay at home. Parents will be scrambling to find sitters or family members to look after their young children for the next 14 to 30 days while schools are disinfected and children are quarantined and parents must go to work. This will create great hardships for these families and children.

As an elderly individual with preexisting conditions, I am a susceptible target for the virus, but there is little I can do other than to stay away from large crowds or community gatherings. I had to cancel a scheduled trip to visit my mother in an assisted living community in New York state after all elderly facilities were closed to visitors due to the massive number of virus infections currently in New York state and New York City. This is happening to people around the U.S and now in 114 countries. Italy recently closed its entire country because of so many virus infections causing hundreds of elderly citizens to die.

I have lived through numerous national pandemics and have caught the common flu and an occasional common cold, and most childhood diseases. Most people my age or older have caught many viruses and illnesses and recovered from them, due to their own hygiene habits, resilience, intelligence and the occasional visit to a doctor or hospital. Those who are reading this are alive and I hope reasonably healthy because they are careful, and have a natural resilience to certain diseases just as many of us will have the resilience to the Coronavirus. For those like myself who have compromised immunity all I can suggest is to be brave, be very careful of what you touch and keep vigilant of your hygiene practices. Don’t share food or drink with anyone from their plates or glasses, wash all produce and try to keep a certain space between yourself and others you do not know. Try not to shake hands instead, touch elbows or bow to greet someone, carry a handkerchief in case you need to blow your nose or sneeze. Stay out of work if you are sick, so as not to infect anyone else or to further infect yourself with other common diseases. It is better to lose a paycheck than lose your life.

I wish all my readers who are from every country in the world the very best of luck and good health and to be brave, careful, vigilant, patient and compassionate and understand that millions and billions of people are suffering not only from the Coronavirus but from all the maladies affecting humanity. This is a time for humanity to come together in peace and cooperation to cure the Coronavirus pandemic and other major illnesses and to stop wars and genocide throughout the world.  This is a time to thank all hospitals and medical workers everywhere for their commitment and concern to heal the sick. They deserve all the credit the world can grant them for they are the front line soldiers fighting the many medical illnesses in every country and every medical facility in the world.



hospital group with masks

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