Feb 19 2020

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tom perez picture as demonic dnc demagogue


Tom Perez Chairman of the DNC has turned the Democratic Party into the most corrupt and moronic political organization ever created. His incompetence and corruption are so completely obvious to most Americans, especially after the DNC debacle in the Iowa Caucus benefitting Buttigieg and the recent rule changes to allow Bloomberg to enter the Democratic Debates with a $300.000 donation to the DNC, without any compliance with the original debate qualifications that led to the withdrawal of the majority of presidential candidates. Perez’s new rule change has created a crisis of contempt against the dimwitted Perez and every corrupt member of the DNC. Only a completely corrupt and incompetent moron┬álike Perez could plunge the Democratic Party into the abyss it is in now. Proof of my statement is Donald Trump could win reelection even after being Impeached because the idiots running the DNC are too incompetent to compete against the most corrupt president and Republican Party in American History.

Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate who can take on the corruption of the DNC but I am concerned that Perez and his corrupt and incompetent minions will destroy the Democratic Party by their complete incompetence and corruption, to destroy Bernie Sander’s presidential nomination. Perez must resign or be fired before he and his moronic minions destroy the Democratic Party forever, and Trump becomes the King of the U.S by default and Republicans reign by rigging the elections without any resistance from the Democratic Party. 2020 may well be the death of the Democrats and American democracy if they cannot win or even hold their own seats in the House and Senate against the most corrupt president and Republican party in history.


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