Feb 27 2020

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pence and trump patsy picture 2020

Mike Pence has been noted by many political critics ( particularly George Will) as being a complete idiot and Trump sycophant who will say and do anything Trump asks him to do. Yesterday at Trump’s Coronavirus News Conference, Trump said after downplaying the significance of the pandemic the previous day in India, he again stated at the conference that the infection wasn’t spreading in the U.S and only 15 Americans have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus and all were being cured. That statement was another major Trump lie, as of yesterday 60 people in the U.S have been diagnosed with the virus and none have been cured.

Since the beginning of February 2020, the Dow Jones average has dropped 2400 points due to the pandemic scare affecting the Asian supply chain to major companies and the drastic drop in the value of travel and airline companies worldwide and the impending major price decline of gas and diesel fuel. Pence makes the perfect Patsy and fall guy for Trump to blame his sinking poll numbers and the stock market on. If anything gets worse he can point to Pence and say “Hey Mike WTF is happening? I put you in charge of this mess, so clean it up.”

Trump has mentioned several times in the past year that he might consider a new running mate for his re-election campaign.  Mike Pence makes Trump’s perfect ventriloquist dummy, and he stupidly and publicly stated during the debate in the Senate to eliminate Obamacare, that “Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ doesn’t need medical insurance.” Pence is a born-again-evangelist who believes Jesus would separate children from their parents at the border and put them in cages, and deny food and water and basic medical care to immigrants.

No one doubts that Pence is a flaming idiot, no one except other flaming idiots. Pence makes the perfect Pandemic Patsy because he knows nothing about the topic and nothing about anything other than how to bend over and kiss Trump’s ass, which up until now has kept Trump from replacing him. However, if the economy tanks in the next few months and the Coronavirus pandemic explodes in the U.S, Pence will be seen on every cable news outlet bending on his knees leading his interviewers in prayer to Jesus, to stop the pandemic before it kills his political career.




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