Mar 18 2020

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Ron Paul says “Corona virus is an “Authoritarian Power Grab Hoax”.


Take him or leave him Ron Paul speaks sense to many Americans and that is why the media and politicians shut him out of the political dialogue in America. Ron Paul has always ‘told it like it is” and in this short video he explains the power grab of the Corona Virus around the world and in the U.S. He tells it the way he sees it and hopes people will see it too. I am inclined to believe him on this subject and bring the world back to reason.

I saw an older man with a face mask on today in the center of my home town, we were the only two people on the entire main street. I was walking within 30 feet of him wearing my hat and sunglasses, leather gloves and a warm jacket. As he came out of the post office and saw me walking towards him he quickly ran to his car as if in total fear. I never met the man and unless he reads this webpage I gave him no reason to fear me. Listen to Ron Paul and make up your own mind to run away from people, close the economy, shutter in-home, wearing a mask or let nature take its course as it always does.




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