Feb 04 2020

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The total incompetence of the Democratic Iowa Caucus officials and low information, low tech party officials and voters on 2/3/2020 will be remembered in history as the day Iowa died as a political power in presidential elections.  There is no excuse for the Democrat Party officials’ utter incompetence handling their primitive Caucus. The Iowa Caucus has no validity left as a viable or relevant contest for presidential candidates. After this year’s incompetent failure by the Iowa Democratic Party no presidential candidate in any future election will even appear in Iowa to secure their meer 41 Democratic delegates or 1% of all delegates nationwide to be nominated. . After 2020 the Iowa Caucus will be ended and considered a worthless 50-year-old outdated method of elections, instituted prior to the internet, smartphones or satellite technology.

I pity all the remarkable workers and volunteers who wasted their time and passion for their candidates to see all their hard work be for nothing by the incompetent Democratic Iowa officials who delayed the election results by days and may never be able to give an accurate count of the Caucus results, nullifying the entire Democratic Caucus. I am sorry for the people of Iowa who put their faith in a foolish, incompetent and idiotic Democratic Party. Americans can only pray and hope that the rest of the primaries and elections in other states will be conducted competently and accurately, but between Democratic Incompetence, Republican rigging of elections and mainstream media mindlessness and elitist bias only a complete revolution will save this country and the only people who can save this country by turning the establishment and media on its head are Bernie Sanders and all Progressives who truly believe in Democracy, Justice, fairness, racial and financial equality. They are the future and present. Americans are witnessing the fall of American elitism and the rise of American justice and equality.



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