Feb 05 2020

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pepe lips quiver

I was embarrassed and humiliated as an American citizen last night after struggling through the first five minutes of each pathetic speech made by both political parties. Trump’s speech was so poor and sick I could not tolerate more than five minutes of it without turning off the television. I watched only a few minutes of the Democratic Response on Youtube this morning and was disappointed once again by the Democrats” poor choice of speakers (last year they had Stacy Abrahms) giving their lightweight Democratic Response. Michigan’s newly elected governor made her first five minutes of political pablum about a 13-year-old boy from  Muskegon Heights, Michigan filling potholes, which said everything about the sad state of Michigan’s infrastructure and roads and the ongoing decline of Democrat and Republican-run cities and towns throughout the country.

I appreciate the people of Michigan for their enduring some of the worst-run cities in the U.S. Flint and Detroit are exceptionally sad examples of failed city and state governments. I have had an overwhelming number of visits to this website from Michigan readers in the last few months and I thank them sincerely for their interest.  I attribute the great rise in Michigan readership in part due to their growing progressive attitudes but also to their recent legalization of recreational marijuana. My congratulations to the smart people of Michigan, I can only wish that the moronic legislators in Connecticut would wake up and legalize recreational weed especially since my immediate neighbors in Massachusetts are enjoying the benefits of legalized recreational and medical marijuana.

Trump’s State of the Union speech was the worst I have ever heard next to his first and second SOTUA and every speech he has made since his election. Be well America, stand strong against this criminal president and his criminal Republicans Party, and the weak-kneed incompetent Democratic Party and help take back our democracy and constitutional government before it is too late and we all die of disgust, resentment, cynicism and ceaseless rage against our government and each other.



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