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Mar 26 2020



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Mar 05 2015

Winter Tree

    Limbs as arms and legs of men hung upright or upside down, against the grey sky and snow piled high on the ground. A thousand offshoots, leafless and brown shiver in the wind, without making a sound waiting for spring to come. Square panes within rectangle windows surround the courtyard like broad bars …

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Mar 05 2015

Asphalt Riot

            In the asphalt riots of a frozen day, the lost heads bob up and down as they nod their greetings and agreements without saying a word. Here in a frozen room I sit teaching silently as students draw and design  without speaking or whispering or smiling, entrenched in solemn …

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Jan 25 2015

Wind Swept

  On the jagged edge of a summit  winds blow harshest against the stone, carving the  face of the mountain, that withstands the winds alone. In the heat of the sun and the cold of night, the rain and snow of storms , its strength of spirit remains unmoved as the rock is carved deeper …

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Jan 23 2015

A Break Away Day

1/23/15 A new day was born today, a day that hasn’t been overwrought yet by stresses of living. This day is breaking away from worry, work, anger and despair. Pain and suffering are not yet here, but may arrive at anytime. I am breaking away from today, into a happy and peaceful state of mind. …

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Jan 14 2015

False Flag Dreams

      The false flags of dreams and schemes and conquests are  only pieces of tattered memories sewn into patterns of stars and stripes and colors. No one knows what the symbols on their flags mean, but to not pledge allegiance to them is treason. I remember as a child I had to pledge …

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Dec 19 2014

Trans-Dimensional Radio with L.A.Steel 12/18/14

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with L A STEEL SHOW on BlogTalkRadio Tonight I read my poetry from 2014. You can read along with me and see the art and photography associated with the poems by going to the Poetry Menu at the top of the front page of this site. Share

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Oct 26 2014

Refugee of Fall (poem)

  A Refugee of Fall runs against the wind of time, dragging dead leaves and trees and flowers into the infernos of man made fires. A vacant bench under fallen leaves, oblivious to weather or time, is centered in the a universe as part of the seasons. Refugees of Fall enter the portals of the …

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Oct 09 2014

Blood Moon, 2014

    In the deepest night it passes over head. The doorway of death is the Blood Moon shining as the star gate to eternity.   The Blood Moon screams silently as it passes over humanity; eclipsing its own reflection.   Only blood stained souls fear and hear the cry of the Blood Moon and see …

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Sep 22 2014

September Roses , Poem and Photograph Series

September Roses   In their final bloom of the year I take their picture and prepare their bed for a New England winter. Then I admire them until the end of their season and wait for them until spring.   L.A. Steel     Share

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Jun 09 2014

The After Hours of Midnight

after midnight

The after hours of midnight, bring madness and sorrow to surround sanity. I hear the voices of those passed on and their pleas for justice against others’ deceptions. In the after hours of midnight the world is dark and blind and tears and suffering are not seen. L.A.Steel Share

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May 15 2014

Transcending Consciousness

Tulip Bed, 2014

Every year I am greeted by May flowers and Spring blossoms blooming on my birthday. This year the tulips in my front garden give me great pleasure to watch grow. Their colors and size are remarkable and seem to transcend earthly reality. The Crab Apple Tree is healthy and fragrant and will soon explode in …

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Apr 15 2014

Winter Is Finally Over

Spring has sprung

The cold days of gray sky and snow covered ground are finally gone. Smiles of petals and leaves, are widely grinning. It was warm but breezy yesterday, until the rain clouds crept in late last night and this morning, careful not to drown the newly budding greens. This evening might bring frost, to the North …

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Apr 06 2014

Sun Speak

Sun Speak

The morning sun spoke to me today as I made a cup of tea near the kitchen window. It said “hello’ as a bright yellow halo above my backyard. Then the sun shown across the wood floor and the pine planks turned golden, and my dog laying on his pillow glowed in sunlight as his …

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Mar 20 2014

Calamus Spring

In the wild and worn world of old poets and poems few are born with inspiration, yet none can live without it. The hallucinogenics of modern users and the holographic lives they live forget Calamus burns with the light of poetry within the realm of dreams. Oh beautiful for days gone by for everyone who …

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Mar 05 2014

A Shadow’s Poem

I am shadow. I am dark wonder, a form without substance, darkness without depth. I am shadow, a half person with voice without body, without light. I am free to feel and hear, and to exist without identity. I am the ruler of darkness. Light exposes all. I exist in darkness. I am shadow. I …

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Feb 20 2014

White Fields (a poem)

I wrote and first published this poem in “The Voice” Newspaper in 2002. White Fields There are no sanctions in life, each thought or action is balanced. Each day brings night each wrong brings right, to the right of darkness is light. Rolling and level fields of white stretch before the wanderers of life. Every …

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Feb 13 2014

Two Robins In A Blizzard (A Poem)

They were together on a tree outside our bedroom window, this morning during the blizzard. We wondered why they were there and if the robins were lost in the February storm. We marveled as we watched them because we both thought robins migrated in winter. I looked it up on my computer. As soon as …

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Nov 24 2013


I can’t remember their faces or why I should remember them. I remember they were once close to me, like a family,but if they were how could I forget them? Their entire existence is fading from my memory. Who or what they were or are I can no longer see. They are faceless and nameless …

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Nov 20 2013


In my darkest hour I ignored the sirens, and transcended reality into a deep sleep. I fell into darkness, that twisted my soul. I saw my face trying to escape my gaze. I fell and had to crawl. The clumsiness of my life overwhelmed the spiral speed of decent, and my mind crashed into oblivion. …

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Oct 28 2013

Stone Wall (A Poem)

Hard and impenetrable, too tall to look over, too long to go around, too narrow to walk on. Barren and cold, worn and old, standing against winds enduring the seasons. A stone wall creates a boundary, to separate people and plots of land, and is a means of defense. A stone wall is an illusion …

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Oct 26 2013

Thursday Night L.A.Steel Show 10/24/13

Find Additional Spirituality Podcasts with L A STEEL SHOW on BlogTalkRadio Tonight’s program is selected readings Politics and Metaphysics, Chapter 16 of my book Naked at the Mic. Also several recent poems and articles from my website lasteelshow.org. Share

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Oct 14 2013

A Tall Ship Tied To A Dock

A tall ship tied to a dock is ready to go to sea, but is not free. Held back and restrained to prevent it from drifting, by a weak rope of resistance. Vulnerable to strong winds, that dash it against the dock until the winds stop. A giant of shipbuilders’ ingenuity, and Leviathan of the …

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Oct 14 2013

Departing at Dawn

All eyes are on the dawn as the departing ship sets sail. A new journey for everyone on the infinite ocean. All the lost,and oppressed people who wonder where they should go, this vessel sets sail at dawn to travel to a new world. Here on deck I greet you, as you wonder where we …

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Aug 20 2013

F Words


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Aug 13 2013

Running Brook

A running brook continues its course in daylight, moonlight and darkness. The cold water rushes over stones as they embed or roll with the current. The brook sings the songs of the earth, songs of anger, passion, love and compassion. Heavy rain or drought effect its depth and speed, as it moves onward through the …

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Aug 07 2013

A Tall Ship In A Storm

8/7/13 As a tall ship in a storm America braces for a revolution. Our Captain is a madman, the harsh winds of oppression rock the tall ship on the violent sea. Before the ship capsizes we must seize the helm and ride out the storm. Our sails maybe torn, but our masts are not broken. …

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Aug 06 2013

Geraniums and Iron

Geraniums and iron, created by the same God, grown and sculpted by man into different forms. L.A. Steel Share

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Jul 11 2013

Summer Storm (A Poem)

    The skies turned green. The humidity increased. My arms became sticky against the leather chair. The wet cotton of my shirt clung against my skin. The fan blew moist air. A cool shower relieved me for a moment, until I wiped off and began to sweat again. I remembered the feeling of cold winter winds, and cool autumn breezes, …

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Apr 05 2013

Are You Main Stream?

Are you main stream? Am I main stream? Is he main stream? Is she main stream? Are they main stream? Are we main stream? Are we insane? Are they insane? Is he insane? Are you insane? Am I insane? Is the world insane? Am I sane? Is she sane? Is he sane? He is sane. …

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Feb 18 2013


Love, 愛情,любити, 恋 ,возлюбить,მიყვარს, cảm tình, Amour,lief,dashuri,sevgi, لحب, प्रेम करना,ຮັກ,maite, Ijubav, laska, kaerlighed,liefde, amas, armastus,mahalin,rakkaus, amour, lieben, renmen,szerelem, elska, cinta, gra,amore,amare,milestiba,eile,suka,elsker,milosc,dragoste,laska, Ijubezen,upendo,karlek,ask,yeu,wrth eu bood. L.A. Steel Share

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Feb 17 2013


Ever 2/17/13 Ever is a vortex, where I move upwards and outwards, upside down, and backwards. Ever is beautiful, dizzying, dazzling, spectacular and wonderful. Ever does not hurt. It does not cry. It does not die. L.A. Steel Share

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Jan 31 2013

The Pettiness of Some People

2/1/13 I have lived long enough to realize how low and petty some people are. Some people are the lowliest of the low, the pettiest of the petty, the meanest of the mean, the sickest of the sick. Some have unique sexual problems that frustrate them, others are bound up in sick relationships, and others …

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Jan 23 2013


1/23/13 Seeing Part of God We see part of God everywhere we look. We see God in the sky and on the ground, in books and paintings,drawings symbols and designs. We see God in every creature, every beauty and horror, every man, every woman and every child. We see him in the mirror. We see …

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Jan 09 2013

The Wanderer

I am faster than time. I am unrecognizable. I am a wanderer in another dimension. L.A. Steel Share

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Nov 27 2012

November Snow

November Snow 11/27/12 It is snowing this morning. The day is cold and gray, caught somewhere between dimensions. My thoughts are in a heavy snowfall, where words fall silently, then melt on the page. I remember walking at dawn in New York City, one November long ago. The street was deserted, dark and gray, and …

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Sep 29 2012

L.A. Steel Reads His Latest Essays and Poems From lasteelshow.org

Listen to internet radio with L A STEEL SHOW on Blog Talk Radio This 9/27/12 radio show is a reading of some of my most recent poems and essays. L.A. Steel Share

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Sep 24 2012

BROKE (A Recession Poem)

If your bank account is down and out, and you can’t afford food or gas, don’t worry all things pass. The world hasn’t ended, and won’t for a while. Put on a smile. Put on a suit. Polish your shoes. Put on a hat. Pet the dog. Pet the cat. Kiss your lover. Hug your …

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Sep 20 2012

Breathing of the Bones

Lost lives breathe the air of time beneath the blue sky of ambition. Bones breathe memories and skulls emptied of thoughts bask in sunlight. Where have the lost generations gone? Pleiadians embark on journeys into darkness lighting the way for sojourners to follow. One night I will see their light at the end of Death’s …

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Apr 10 2012


FLOWER POWER 11/14/07 A flower has great power. It has color and scent, and grace. It has beauty, fragrance, oneness with nature and oneness with itself. A flower holds the universe in it’s most complex or simple design. A flower understands its place and purpose in existence. A flower accepts its fate, regardless of the …

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Aug 30 2007


THE POET IN EVERYONE 8/30/07 There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must take stock in who they are and what they have become and who they are trying to become. I am like everyone who searchs for their unique place in the world. I have asked myself, who and what am I. …

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Jun 17 2007


BRITTANY’S DREAM 7/17/07 At the end of a dream all life suspends from earth and falls gently into another and there you are. There is the source of the endless fountain of wishes,where heaven creates the gift of children. I was listening to the ending of a dream for the soft , sweet, music of …

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Apr 02 2007

Remembering the Moon

REMEMBERING THE MOON I often look at the night sky to see unfamiliar changes. Some nights the moon is full and bright and other nights it does not appear at all . I have often wondered on those particular nights, when the moon is lost how I would feel if I never saw it again. …

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