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Oct 22 2015


IMPRISONED, 10/27/08 Within the boundaries of the physical world the three dimensional limits bind the human spirit. The spirit breathes with rhythmic motion and listens to earth bound sounds. It is a prisoner of memory, fear and forgetfulness. The stars move subtly to dazzle the observer of the night sky. Bathed in mist and moonlight …

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Oct 08 2015

A friend passed away the other day

My friend passed away the other day, without saying goodbye to anyone. No one knew she was ill. She died in her sleep. I knew her for years. I remember her smile,and voice, and the way she dressed, in consignment shop dresses, hats, vintage rings and necklaces. She was unique as her style and bold …

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Jul 31 2015


              I existed before the Universe. I was alive and well, and I am alive and well now. How different is my back view from my front view? How incomplete am I from a side view of me. Somewhere in another universe I exist at least twice, and again …

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Oct 27 2014

A Walk in Fall

I went for a walk today. The sky was blue. The air was cold, the wind was brisk. I saw the reflections of red trees and autumn green, yellow, orange and gold. The road was yellow and blue. I walked as my mind evaporated into the afternoon. I smiled at the sun shining on the …

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May 15 2014

Transcending Consciousness

Tulip Bed, 2014

Every year I am greeted by May flowers and Spring blossoms blooming on my birthday. This year the tulips in my front garden give me great pleasure to watch grow. Their colors and size are remarkable and seem to transcend earthly reality. The Crab Apple Tree is healthy and fragrant and will soon explode in …

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Sep 26 2013

The Inevitable

The Inevitable is: The anger of betrayal. A baby cries. A politician lies. Doors are opened. Windows are closed. It rains in spring and winter is cold. Love abandons hate. A stone is hard. A fire is hot. A feather is soft. Loneliness is lonely. Laughter brings joy. All die who are born. Souls transcend …

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Jun 17 2007


BRITTANY’S DREAM 7/17/07 At the end of a dream all life suspends from earth and falls gently into another and there you are. There is the source of the endless fountain of wishes,where heaven creates the gift of children. I was listening to the ending of a dream for the soft , sweet, music of …

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