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May 15 2014

Transcending Consciousness

Tulip Bed, 2014

Every year I am greeted by May flowers and Spring blossoms blooming on my birthday. This year the tulips in my front garden give me great pleasure to watch grow. Their colors and size are remarkable and seem to transcend earthly reality. The Crab Apple Tree is healthy and fragrant and will soon explode in …

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Apr 15 2014

Winter Is Finally Over

Spring has sprung

The cold days of gray sky and snow covered ground are finally gone. Smiles of petals and leaves, are widely grinning. It was warm but breezy yesterday, until the rain clouds crept in late last night and this morning, careful not to drown the newly budding greens. This evening might bring frost, to the North …

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Apr 04 2010

Easter Sunday


EASTER SUNDAY 4/04/10   I remember the white dresses, pink, white and blue corsages, white and black shoes, girls’ white, short and knee length stockings. I remember kneeling at a rail in innocence as I ate the body of a savior. I remember an old man handing me a round dry and tasteless wafer that …

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