Jul 11 2013

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Summer Storm (A Poem)



The skies turned green.

The humidity increased.

My arms became sticky

against the leather chair.

The wet cotton of my shirt

clung against my skin.

The fan blew moist air.

A cool shower relieved me for a moment,

until I wiped off and began to sweat again.

I remembered the feeling of cold winter winds,

and cool autumn breezes, and summer

waves of a fresh water lake rushing over my face

and shoulders.

As I looked out the window I saw dark

clouds merge closer together

and a  funnel forming.

I felt the wind rush through my open window.

I saw the leaves on the trees turning over.

A warning of a storm approaching.

I saw the first droplets of rain and closed

the window and front door.

Soon the downpour began.

I heard  the sound of thunder,

then saw lightening flash in the nearby sky.

It was early afternoon.

The downpour lasted several minutes until the thunder clouds rolled by.

Then the rain stopped, the skies cleared, and a sudden wind blew through

the trees.  I opened my door and windows and felt the cool breeze

against my face and arms, and breathed in deeply

the dry,cool, air.


L.A. Steel



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