Jan 23 2015

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A Break Away Day

break away day 20151/23/15

A new day was born today, a day that hasn’t been overwrought yet by stresses of living. This day is breaking away from worry, work, anger and despair. Pain and suffering are not yet here, but may arrive at anytime. I am breaking away from today, into a happy and peaceful state of mind.

I wonder if I can break away from today naturally. I am happy with a few cups of coffee and a breakfast of toasted bread. I am warm with my jacket on. I am alarmed by the morning calm brought upon by lack of phone calls or other distractions.

Breaking away for one day is a wonderful vacation of body and mind.  Sitting here writing this poem, and thinking of what to say, is a form of breaking away from today. I feel like taking a walk.  The January sun is shining, though it is cold outside and ice and snow are on the ground.

The roads and walkways are salted and sanded. My body seems to be without new aches or pains. This is a breakaway day for me if there ever was one.  I may walk to the Post Office to pick up my mail. Perhaps something has arrived I was not expecting, but I hope not a shock or bad surprise.

I no longer smoke tobacco, or drink bourbon or ale. I  no longer eat candy or cake or pie.  I have few vices left that will shorten my life, except breaking away from a new born day.  I really enjoy break away days like today.

L.A. Steel

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