Apr 05 2013

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Are You Main Stream?

Are you main stream?
Am I main stream?
Is he main stream?
Is she main stream?
Are they main stream?
Are we main stream?
Are we insane?
Are they insane?
Is he insane?
Are you insane?
Am I insane?
Is the world insane?
Am I sane?
Is she sane?
Is he sane?
He is sane.
She is sane.
The World is sane.
You are sane.
I am sane.
You read me.
I read you.
I hear you.
You hear me.
I hear something.
I hear nothing.
I hear someone.
I hear no one.
I see you.
I see them.
I see myself.
I see her.
I see him.
I see me.
Are you reading this?
Are you reading that?
Are we reading this?
Are we reading that?
Are we reading me?
Are we reading you?
Are we together on this?
Are we together on that?
Did I say no to you?
Did I say yes?
Did I mention?
Did I ask?
Did I wonder where you went?
Did I ask for your consent?
Did I walk from here to there?
Did I make you aware?
Did I cause you to scare?
Did I wait too long?
Did I not wait long enough?
Did I watch the moon last night?
Will I watch the moon tonight?
Will you cry when I leave?
Will you cry when I die?
I am without.
I am within.
I am dead.
I am alive.
I am he.
He is me.
I am him.
She is you.
You are she.
I am her.
She is me.
We are one.
We are two.
We are me.
We are you.
You are you.
I am me.

L.A. Steel

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