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Nov 11 2014


I have been trying to organize myself for the last few days and I am realizing that is a very difficult job. I got a new computer and needed to transfer and delete everything in my old computer.  I have nearly 80 gigs of stuff that needs to be sidelined or deleted or  revised or …

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May 18 2014

The Hillary Thing

Hillary's 2016 Presidential Campaign

  I am not a Hillary Clinton fan and never was, nor do I care for Billy Bubba Clinton either. I am not a Republican or Democrat. I  consider myself an Independent and I have been registered as one since I was 18 years old. I have no political party loyalty or preference and never …

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Apr 05 2013

Are You Main Stream?

Are you main stream? Am I main stream? Is he main stream? Is she main stream? Are they main stream? Are we main stream? Are we insane? Are they insane? Is he insane? Are you insane? Am I insane? Is the world insane? Am I sane? Is she sane? Is he sane? He is sane. …

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