Nov 11 2014

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organize or dieI have been trying to organize myself for the last few days and I am realizing that is a very difficult job. I got a new computer and needed to transfer and delete everything in my old computer.  I have nearly 80 gigs of stuff that needs to be sidelined or deleted or  revised or something. I need to update so many files I think I might just delete them and pretend they never existed. Writers and artists are hoarders of words and images and thoughts.  Instead of our houses becoming filled with useless stuff our minds , computers and studios become warehouses of “I might use that ” stuff.

I finally threw out a letter from a possible sponsor from 8 years ago who has probably gone out of business or died. I never heard from him again.   A 10 year old article I wrote that doesn’t relate to anything relevant today and may not have been relevant when I wrote it. I did put together 3 manuscripts that I will be publishing soon. I was elated to find them, not in some long forgotten computer file but in printed on paper manuscripts , rejected by publishers. Ah, gone are those days before the internet. when everything was in print on paper, and publishers had power to deny my words from being read. Thank God for the internet , and thank Rob Brenckman my web site designer for setting up my website 10 years ago.

Well I’ve got a new 252 gigabite exterior hard drive, and a 500 gigabite internal hard drive to store all my past , present and future stuff, that I will or might use in articles , art work, photographs or whatever I decide to use it for.  Getting organized is a lot of work especially for someone who isn’t organized or hasn’t organized for quite a while.  I warn my readers to be ready for a lot of “stuff ” to come their way. Even old videos, talk shows and amazing art and photography I had forgotten about.  I love new technology. My last 15 years of creations in every medium will soon be seen and available to everyone thanks to my my new computer and my several days of serious organization.

L.A. Steel

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