Nov 05 2014

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The Republican New Deal of Destruction

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The Republican Party won the Senate and kept control of the House of Representatives yesterday.  I was very pleased that Connecticut’s Democratic  Governor Dannel Malloy won his race, even though it was by a slim margin it was still a victory.  What I dreaded most from this 2014 Midterm Election was exactly what happened to the Federal Government , that is the Republican take over of both houses of Congress. We will soon see the dismantling or repeal of the Affordable Heath Care Act. We will soon see the environmental nightmare of the Canadian tar sands oil pipeline become reality. We will soon see a sharp increase in homelessness and poverty by a  reduction of Food Stamps and other vital entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare and the elimination of many other greatly needed social programs. We will see the military build up and an increase in further military interventions around the world. We will see a rise in war rhetoric against Russia and Syria and ISIS and a sharp increase in military spending. We will see a budget that will slash all social programs and reduce spending on vital social programs but spend billions of dollars on coal , gas and oil company subsidies as well as cut FDA and EPA agency funding.  The Republican Nightmare has just begun with the victory yell of “Yahoo” by the pig castrating, newly elected , first Republican woman senator from Iowa, who in her victory speech said,” Wait until you hear them squeal !” She was referring to all Democrats and the American people about to be led to slaughter and castrated by the Republicans.

The United States is headed for a revolution. One term of Republican leadership in the House and Senate will destroy this country. Every major depression and recession was brought by Republican leaders. Every nightmare of inhumane policies against the poor and middle classes of the United States was caused by Republican congressional policies and Presidents. American unions can expect a war against them, against work safety standards and against all employee safeguards from mining to manufacturing.  Sick benefits, maternity leave and minimum wage increases  will be reduced or eliminated.   Recent Obama administration Immigration policies will be abolished and replaced by strict enforcement of borders and deportation of illegal immigrants, and outsourcing  by corporations of American white and blue collar jobs will become lax and cost millions of American jobs along with the approval of world trade treaties that will wipe out the sovereignty of the American government. Republican leadership and policies are and historically have been the worst policies Americans have ever seen, yet the majority of Americans in this midterm election have voted Republicans into office expecting a significant change in the improvement of the U.S economy. The hallmark of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. History has shown how disastrous Republican leadership is and has been for the American People.  Most of Obama’s problems during his terms as President have been the great resistance of the Republican held House of Representatives. My only hope for this government is that the Republicans might stop and take back Obama’s dictatorial powers of executive orders and mad foreign policy, but Republicans in the House and Senate have always proven themselves to be creatures of expedience, self interest and greed. Expecting anything more from them in upholding their oaths and truly representing the American people instead of corporations is a fools dream.



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