May 18 2014

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The Hillary Thing


Hillary's 2016 Presidential CampaignI am not a Hillary Clinton fan and never was, nor do I care for Billy Bubba Clinton either. I am not a Republican or Democrat. I  consider myself an Independent and I have been registered as one since I was 18 years old. I have no political party loyalty or preference and never have. Why the Clinton’s have become the most important people in the Democratic Party is a frightening example of the shallowness and desperation of the Democratic Party  and the stupidity of liberal  Americans, who are unable or unwilling to develop  better more virtuous political candidates and celebrities than the Clintons.

Few families other than the Bush family is more disliked by the American people and cause more resentment to intelligent Americans. Anyone with any understanding of  U.S political history of the late 20th century and early 21st century know  full well who the Clintons are and what they have done. Bill Clinton was an impeached President and Hillary was his First Lady, who was fired from the Watergate Committee as a member of the special prosecutor’s staff in 1973 for criminal actions and constitutional violations and is currently being investigated by Congress for possible criminal actions as former Secretary of State for Barack Obama.

Bill Clinton in his final acts as President signed over all U.S National Parks to the UN as collateral for the U.S unpayable  debt. All national parks in the U.S are now called Bio Spheres and are under UN ownership thanks to Bill Clinton. If the American people knew this they would revolt but they do not, just as Bill Clinton pushed through the globalist gravy train with NAFTA and wiped out over 3 million U.S industrial jobs that plummeted the U.S economy into a depression made worse by G.W Bush and his insane wars. All praise the government controlled  U.S lame stream media for keeping secret and silent about all the Clintons’  crimes.

The mystery of the Clinton Dynasty is how they got  liberal minded  Americans to think they are so wonderful, competent and likable. The Clintons are notorious for their hypocrisy and for being made of Teflon. Nothing seems to stick to them. Bill Clinton was having a sexual affair while in the White House, and was impeached by Congress because he lied to them about the scandal. Hillary stayed by his side through it all, then ran for senator of New York and won. Then she ran for President in 2008, lost to Obama and  became his Secretary of State. Her career still continues as she is being investigated by the Congressional Judiciary Committee for her role in the Benghazi Affair, that caused the death of an American Ambassador because his embassy was denied adequate security by the State Department. The thought that Hillary is being paraded around the networks and being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for speaking engagements, as well as millions in an advance for her new book to  be released in June, proves that the American people are completely enthralled by her .

It has been noted and documented by several writers and journalists that Hillary practices witchcraft.  Neither Hillary or Bill Clinton have close ties to any church, or have ever touted Christian Virtues or been seen at any religious services other than state funerals or political events sponsored by  churches.  As two of the greatest  hypocrites of all time Bill and Hillary Clinton are still loved by Blacks, Hispanics,  Liberal Whites and the government controlled media, and are politically and publicly supported by this majority of American people.  It is a sickness beyond any cure.

If Hillary is nominated for President by the Democratic Party in 2016, the only way she could possibly win the election is if the Republicans put up another idiot like John McCain,  Rick Perry or Jeb Bush, or some completely out of this world minority candidate, who wants to abolish the Food Stamp program, Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare, arrest and deport all illegal aliens and privatize all government services.   I wouldn’t put it past the Republicans to put up a candidate like that. They already did in the last election, and after his failed first term as President , Barack Obama won reelection.

L.A. Steel




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