Nov 24 2013

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I can’t remember their faces
or why I should remember them.
I remember they were once close to me,
like a family,but if they were
how could I forget them?

Their entire existence is fading from my memory.
Who or what they were or are I can no longer see.
They are faceless and nameless people
I’ve never really known or seen,
blurs of faded memories.

I don’t remember anything about them
and I am not sure why, except for some
vague notion that they were once
part of my life. Somewhere, at sometime,
but I don’t remember where or when.

Forgetting is not the same as forgiving,
I must remember who I’m forgiving,
before I can forgive them.
Forgiveness is something saints do,
and I have never tried to be a saint.

I am not a Christian or Buddhist
Hindu or Jew, Muslim or Atheist.
I am just a man like most men,
who live and work,eat,drink,
think, sleep,love,hate and cry.

My memory is not what it once was,
especially for things I want to forget,
like hard times and ex wives,
past illnesses, bad situations,
great despair, disappointments and lies.

Great friends I will never forget,
great love I will hold in my heart.
Great beauty I will always remember.
Everything and everyone I want to forget
I will forget forever.

L.A. Steel

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