Feb 07 2020

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Trump will never be forgiven or acquitted by the American people, except by his Neo-Nazi fascist followers and hate-driven evangelists.  I believe if there is any sense of decency or morality and justice left in America Trump and his sycophants in the Senate and House of Representatives will be destroyed and cast into the oblivion of political hell and obscurity.  Their careers will be destroyed, their corrupt fortunes will be taken from them and they and their families will be arrested for corruption and their names will be cursed throughout history as traitors, crooks and cowards. These deranged hypocrites are beyond salvation. Every hypocritical Trumpian evangelist mocks all truth and justice, and any semblance of Godliness is stricken from them as their evil distorts their faces and bodies and they squirm in despair and fear of eternal damnation.

Where is justice? Where is grace? Where are we the American people as Trump and his minions take over our country and destroy all justice, morality, beauty and all worth living for? They steal from the poor and aged by their greed and hatred murdering the masses by denying them a basic livable wage keeping millions of Americans in poverty and denying basic health services, food and shelter assistance forcing millions into starvation and homelessness.  As the world burns with raging fires and is flooded by swollen rivers and rising oceans little or nothing is being done by Trump and his minions to prevent or stop the horror of Climate Change as they continue to ravage and pollute the precious lands and waterways of the earth to satisfy their greed and cruelty, ignoring any sustainable future for generations to come. Unless Trump and his minions are stopped and punished humanity will never survive the vengeance and wrath of Nature as it evicts all humanity from the Earth by extinction. If our Creator is just and merciful then Trump and his minions will forever be banished from existence, never to plague the planet again.




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