Mar 27 2020

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self isolation 2020I have isolated myself my entire life in one way or another. either in anger, grief, humiliation, humor, interests, scholarly research or unrequited love. Life can be isolating even in a gathering of friends or strangers.

I discovered 4th Dimensional existence many years ago when I studied spirituality and developed my sixth sense through the teaching and encouragement of a remarkable psychic. She could always communicate with spirits who passed over. since she was a child. Through her, I spoke with many of my friends and relatives who had died years before.  There is a spirit world and the intuitive and serious mind can open itself up to the alternate dimensions. We all exist physically in the 3rd Dimension but our minds exist in connection to our spirit, which is directly connected to our Creator.

We exist both mortally and immortally. Our immortality is in spirit. Anyone who sleeps returns to the spirit to rest and isolate themselves from the 3rd Dimensional existence to dream freely and live within the dreams we create. This period of Coronavirus has forced humanity into self-isolation and we must all find ways of coping with the new situation.

I am currently in a state of grief as my aged mother is in hospice with only days left to her life. I will see her tomorrow perhaps for the last time. She would not want me to reveal her age but she has lived a long and remarkably independent life as a mother of four. She has been widowed for 30 years and never remarried. She has traveled the world and outlived my father and several other “men friends”. She has faced the death of her parents and siblings and is the only one who is alive. She has lost many of her old friends and one of her children.  I have a million memories of her from my childhood to the present and fear there will be very few more to have.

Grief, fear, loneliness, unemployment, financial stress, family stress, daily stress all create our insanity. How we cope with these stresses is how we survive. Our survival is all in our minds, our imaginations keep us alive and well and able to create anything we need or want in our lives. I know that passing into the spirit world is our natural progression and is expected by all who reincarnated into different lifetimes. I have seen my past lives in regression and gained the knowledge and wisdom to understand that I will pass over and reincarnate once again in human form or in an alien form which I choose to experience as I live through eternity.

Self-isolation is nothing to fear unless we want to fear it. Enjoy ourselves without anyone else around or enjoy ourselves with someone we love and love us. There is a profound joy that awaits us beyond the world of pain, it is that bright afternoon light shining in our window, as we become blind for those moments of warm radiant light against your forehead. Our creator speaks to us in rays of sunlight, he sings us songs of hope and love in the winter wind and summer breeze, tranquility, and fulfillment. Our creator speaks to us through nature and family and friends.  Self-isolation is a perfect opportunity to enjoy ourselves as a creation of our own making.




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