Feb 12 2020

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It has become obvious to even the lowest information Americans that something is terribly wrong with Donald Trump. He’s become completely erratic and incomprehensible as he slurs his speech and talks insanely on practically every topic he speaks on or question he is asked by the press. He is firing all or most of his administration officials who slightly disagree with him and speaks defamingly about everyone and anyone who questions him or criticizes his insane commands.

His orange colored face proves he’s obsessed with his vanity and his narcissism is out of control. These are all signs of a decomposing mental and physical state overwhelmed by his own paranoia of everyone in the White House and Congress wanting him removed. The $80 million dollar ransom on his head placed by the Leader of Iran and the several attacks on his resorts and hotels especially Mar a largo in Florida. and the reported mounting financial losses of all his properties worldwide are leading him to desperation. The insane reactions of his family in their desperate public defense of themselves and their father have become fodder for late-night comedians and a national mockery of his entire illegal business empire of billion-dollar Russian loans and Saudi Arabia’s billion-dollar bailouts of Trump’s failed casinos and failed real estate developments.

The record and rapid level of Trump’s physical and mental decline are publicly alarming however he still maintains some semblance of someone alive and walking. I believe his health will soon become so obviously poor that he will be hospitalized by either heart failure of removed from the White House by medics and Secret Service personnel who are witnessing a complete mental and physical breakdown of Donald Trump.  At the rate of his rapid decline I believe he will be in total crash mode within a few months from this writing. As we watch his public decline over the next few weeks and months, the American people and everyone around the world will be astounded by the danger of his mental decline leading to the death of Donald Trump either by his own delusions and paranoic depression or by the overt removal of him from the White House by medical and Secret Service personnel.





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