Mar 11 2020

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andrew-yang standing on chair

I’m glad Andy Wang dropped out of the presidential race a month ago, yet like all the other lame deceitful Democrat losers he waited until Bernie needed his endorsement and sold out to Biden and the DNC establishment. Democrat reformers like Wang and Warren are mostly bullshit artists looking for name recognition and money donations. I am glad that my suspicion of Wang was right. His MATH lapel pin showed who he really was, nothing but a numbers counter hedging his bet on a convoluted equation that showed Sanders was in trouble after Super Tuesday when all the lightweight loser Democrat candidates new they had no chance and immediately endorsed Biden for a handout and pat on the head by the Biden campaign and the DNC, who was petrified of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination.

The Wang Banger can now feel good about themselves that their moronic math man gave his support to a dementia ridden Democrat. It tells the world a great deal about Wang’s establishment roots and fear of any revolutionary change to the sick and dying Democrat Party. Wang has lost all credibility in the Progressive Movement and can return to China where he can use his “math” talents to fight off the Corona Virus. In the meantime, Americans who want and will fight for real change in the government will continue their fight for justice and equality with a new political party that will shatter the two-party bought out system and lead the country and world with new bold ideas and ideals once the old system of politics and media control die when the old crusty corporate codgers finally die or retire or get fired for their complete and total incompetence and irrelevance just as cable news is going the way of the rotary telephone.

Bernie has a dream but few Americans over the age of 45 seem to see it or understand it especially older minority members.  The most frightening aspect of the voter turnout of recent primaries is sad, sold out minority voters who insist on believing in a failed system of government that excludes them. Every one of their elected officials regardless of race appears to sell out to the highest bidder. History has proven that once a Black or Latino gets elected they immediately bend down to the established system and become nothing more than a lackey willing sell their souls for money and power and deny the wellbeing of their constituents who elected them.

Bernie Sanders still has a chance to win the nomination, however, he can not unless his followers insist that he continue the race and realize that nothing in the system will ever change unless we make it change. Bernie’s ass-kissing Biden is no way to win; By Bernie Sanders acknowledging his friendship with Biden allows all of his questionable followers to accept Biden as the Democrat nominee and throughout Bernie with last night’s trash. It is now or never to change the system or it will never change and Trump will handily beat Biden in the presidential election because all the Walking Dead Democrats will vote for their Walking Dead candidate until Trump takes a knockout punch at “Old Joe” and knocks him out never to recover from his national disgrace, and the Democrat’s mass deception.



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