Jan 25 2020

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As an eye witness to the entire televised public Congressional Impeachment hearings and the Senate Impeachment trial, (all archived on this website) I am convinced honest and patriotic Americans who followed any of the House hearings and  Senate trial,  cannot honestly believe the Senate should dismiss the Impeachment of Trump, and not demand critical witnesses and documents that prove the guilt and criminality of Donald Trump who has illegally denied all access to these documents and witnesses. These witnesses and documents are not Trump’s to keep secret. All requested documents from the administration belong to the American people, all Trump administration employees work for the American people, not Donald Trump. Donald Trump is an employee of the American people and has no right to withhold evidence and witnesses subpoenaed by the House of Representatives.

If the Republican majority in the Senate all bow to the bullying of Trump, then none of them have any courage or integrity, nor do any of them deserve to sit in their seats as oath-taking defenders of the Constitution and as Jurors in the Senate Impeachment trial of Donald Trump.  If no subpoenaed witnesses are called or subpoenaed documents released then our Constitution and Republic are ruined. The Republicans will be responsible for the destruction of our country and form of government. The Republicans by their complete indifference, ignorance and criminal intent will forever be known as a Criminal Enterprise and the party of imbecilic criminal mobsters directed by their mob boss Donald Trump.

I pray to the Creator of Humanity to save American Democracy and Constitutional Government as a beacon of hope and justice for all future generations of Americans and to people around the world. If the Republicans in the Senate want their careers and reputations to survive beyond the month of January 2020 or be damned throughout history as cowards and criminals and the murderers of American Democracy, they must not allow themselves to be threatened or harassed by their corrupt and incompetent leaders Mitch McConnel, Lindsey Graham and Dictator Donald Trump.

Republican Senators must vote their conscience and do their righteous and courageous duty of removing Donald Trump from the office of President,  If they refuse to do so they will condemn themselves and all Americans to the tyranny of an evil and insane despot who will plunge the United States into rebellion, chaos, and war resulting in the violent destruction of American law, justice, government, and society.





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