Mar 07 2020

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The fact that Elizabeth Warren couldn’t win her own state of Massachusetts tells everyone she didn’t have a chance to win a general election even against Trump. “Pochahontas”  would have scrunched her face and waved her fist at Trump as he mocks her and the world laughs with him. Warren does not appeal to most men, because she appears to be very bossy and yelling at everyone. Her husband looks like the most henpecked guy in the country.

I read on the front page of the New York Post today that Bill Clinton confessed publicly that he had his affair with Monica Lewinsky because he was “under so much stress.”  Clinton lies like a rug and somehow gets away with it. Most men who cheat on their wives or girlfriends don’t do it to add more stress to their lives, they do it to get their rocks off because their wives or girlfriends don’t satisfy them sexually or mentally. Remember Bill is still married to Hillary and has had numerous affairs.

Warren is now bathing in the loser’s light or blaming misogyny as the reason for her failure in the primaries. It has nothing to do with her womanhood that people don’t like her, it’s her alignment to Hillary and her followers and her incessantly nagging voice of an aged, pedantic, teacher pointing her finger and yelling at some bored student who falls asleep during her lecture.

Trump had her pegged in 2016 when he called her “Pocahontas” when it was revealed that she was not part American Indian as she had stated. Now in 2020, she doesn’t talk about her Native American heritage, instead, she tries to present some odd form of Progressive Capitalism with bank and monopoly reform trying to offset Bernie’s campaign of Democratic Socialism. She is also a loyal Zionist and advocates the genocide of the Palestinians, of which Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish, has vehemently denounced Netanyahu’s right-wing government and treatment of the Palestinians.

Warren should no longer be welcomed by Bernie supporters if she does or does not endorse Bernie Sanders.  She appears to be hedging her few delegates by trading them to Biden or Sanders for a cabinet or VP position if they become the presidential nominee. Sanders would not benefit from a Warren VP or cabinet appointee neither would Biden and both know it. Elizabeth Warren should listen to Donald Trump who said: ” The reason she lost was because of her lack of talent.”



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