Feb 25 2020

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money in hand

“MONEY MIKE” Bloomberg is spending $500 million dollars of his own personal fortune on attack ads against Bernie Sanders, that amount of money could permanently feed, clothe and house every homeless man, woman, and child in the country. In the last devastating Democrat debate, Bloomberg was destroyed by Warren and Sanders for trying to buy the Democratic Nomination without any donations, debates, delivering speeches or doing anything other than laying back in bed playing with himself while spending his own unlimited money advertising around the country how wonderful he is.

Attacking Bernie Sanders cost Elizabeth Warren any lead she had with progressive voters and she is now trailing even Buttigieg and Biden in all polls in 4th or 5th place.  Bloomberg’s $500 million dollar ad buys against Bernie Sanders scheduled before Super Tuesday primaries will knock out Bloomberg to the last place in all national polls as he lays back with his billions into a billionaire bust, and is scorned, laughed at and humiliated by everyone in the country. Bernie Sanders will destroy Bloomberg in all the primaries and devastate him in tonight’s So. Carolina presidential debate, while Bloomberg seethes in his hatred for Sanders and pouts with his paid-for privilege being on the debate floor. Warren, Sanders, and Biden will be standing in their iron toed shoes shined and ready to kick and tromp all over Bloomberg.

A dog-faced, bigoted billionaire against a Social Democrat makes the 2020 presidential race a climatic and historical event and a must-win for all who demand radical democratic change in our political and social systems. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for president who has the vision and commitment to do it. Anyone who votes for Bloomberg is either a billionaire or billionaire wannabe or is bought off to vote or work for Bloomberg and doesn’t understand the basic economic and political principles and devastating consequences of uncontrolled capitalism of which only 1% of the U.S population benefits by. The remaining 99% can only dream of winning the Powerball with a $2.00 ticket to ever achieve great wealth or for 40% of Americans to even rise above the poverty level in the U.S.




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