Dec 04 2014

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JUSTICE FOR ERIC GARNER, 2014   The American Media has recently displayed one of the most horrific physical assaults by police on an unarmed man, that resulted in his death by affixiation. Eric Garner was assaulted by 5 policemen for selling single unpackaged cigarettes on a city sidewalk in Staten Island.  The policeman who murdered Eric Garner with a choke hold was not in uniform and was aided by four other uniformed policemen, who punched and pulled Eric Garner on to the ground, while the non-uniformed policeman kept Garner in a choke hold, and another policeman put his knee on Garner’s head, while Eric Garner was pleading with them, that he could not  breathe, shouting ” I can’t breathe! ” His repeated cries obviously did not stop the police from strangling Eric Garner. The coroner pronounced the cause of Eric Garner’s death as murder by affixiation. All of this assault on Eric Garner by police was recorded and given as evidence to the Grand Jury as well as made public to the media. The Grand Jury made no indictment against the policeman, who strangled Eric Garner, and no indictments of the policemen who aided in Garner’s murder.  All of the policemen were white men, Eric Garner was black.

After witnessing this video taped murder on television I was shocked and disgusted at the injustice of the Grand Jury decision.  Eric Garner’s murder may have been racially motivated however, the insane judgement and absolute stupidity of the policemen who murdered Eric Garner goes without mention.    How could any sane or untampered jury watch the video evidence of Eric Garner’s murder and not indict his murderers? I completely understand and sympathize with all protesters through out the country, who are opposed to the great injustice done to Eric Garner, and hope that his wife and family receive justice and compensation for the murder of their husband and father.

I recently wrote an article in defense of Officer Wilson who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. I still believe based on what evidence was made public by the Grand jury that, the shooting of Michael Brown was in self defense. The looting and rioting brought about by the non indictment of Officer Wilson was not justified and served no purpose or gained no support for Michael Brown’s family or the rioter’s  cause.  The murder of Eric Garner was witnessed by millions of Americans from video tape and presented by all major television networks proves the incompetence of the Grand Jury  who did  not indict Eric Garner’s murderers.  I can not imagine anyone but a bigoted, brain dead, moron , after seeing Eric Garner’s murder on television and video taped, could believe Eric Garner was not deliberately murdered by strangulation and battery by five policemen.

There must be a new Grand Jury and an indictment of these murderous policemen, or America will go up in flames not by race riots, but by all men and women of all races standing against the system of American justice, that mocks their Constitution and any semblance of justice, human rights and dignity. The murderers, racists and all out sadists, that work as police must be held accountable for their illegal actions and purged from police forces through out the United States, or no true American will ever respect “American justice” or police authority.

L.A. Steel

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