Sep 30 2008

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From the End Into The Sea


In the advent of nothingness the Earth transcends our own reality.The world creates seeds which grow into men. How strange is the ground they grow in. As diverse as the weeded wormed, soil of sand and clay, dead leaves and fallen trees, decaying bodies of living things, recycled into a growing ground.

I have the need to spread seeds into the womb of sacred grounds. I have the desire to grow greatness, to aspire the height and width of the best of my species. How I direct this growth and outward and upward drive is in my genetic code. , with ascended DNA . Transforming into a thumb, and hand, different from my cousin Ape.

An old body emits the energy of age. The halted hormones and the needed rest. We taste the fleshy leaves reviving the pink impatient flower. The last release is on its own.. Vitality is the word for youth. Remembrance is more painful than innocence. The rogue male disregards his offspring and remains unaware of their existence. .
Nature predetermines destiny. Karma corrects a past life error. In the shallow tributaries wade the spirits of madmen, weighed down by guilt and despair. They have forgotten that they can fly and that the tributary is part of the ocean it leads to. I have sensed these madmen in the current of the stream which reveals all to its source and destiny.





Hello Saviour,is the oasis dry, that you must warn us of the limitations of the ability to quench our thirst.? Does this source that I am, fill the sea again and again unending or as it drys up from drought do I die of thirst or if it floods do I drown ?.

Remote views of sitting saints laughing at the plight of men. Laughing at the daily pace for tribune. Unsanctioned arbitrators of greed and power hand out business cards on the street corners as lawyers running for office. The dignified professionals have no shame. Their clients refuse to allow them to show integrity.

Slipping through the veil of sanity exposes the true power brokers. Those who seek truth find the truth to be too frightening. Upon the balance beam of promises kept and broken the politician walks cat like , clawing for balance, but certain to land on his feet..

Shocked bankers cannot wonder why the world wishes them death. In their sullied mausoleums lay the souls of dead bankers and merchants buried with their money, as maggots eat their cash and flesh. What a farce to all who would strive to emulate the ambitions of these eternally dead and damned.

Go to the wind and ask for its freedom. Go to the sky and ask for its sunlight. Go to the ocean and ask for its mystery. Go to God and thank him for life.

” Time and space are but physiological colors which the eye makes. But the soul is light, where it is , is day. Where it was is night. History is an impertinence and an injury if it be anything more than a cheerful apology or parable of my being and becoming. ” Ralph W. Emerson , Self Reliance.


L.A. Steel

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  1. Lus

    Unparalleled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

  2. admin

    I’ll check and see, If I do I’ll post them for you.
    L.A. Steel

  3. Emes

    I am searching for an old photo which you may have pubelshid. It was provided by Maringi Osbourne and information and names provided by Ngai Tahu archives . the photo is of girls at te waipounamu college in 1911. there is a reference number ISSN 1175-2483 Of interest to me are the photos of 4 Taiaroa girls and the Walscott sisters can you help me . thank you

  4. Dalila

    agree with your thought. thank you for your sharing.

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