Mar 08 2009

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It is now 10:00 AM when it should be 9:00 AM on a Sunday morning. I already feel sleep deprived and should catch another hour of sleep, but the day has already begun, the sun is shining and the thermometer is about to hit 60 degrees. I already took the dog for a walk several hours ago, and ate breakfast, but I feel like I should be sleeping. I feel like I’ve been robbed of a solid hour of sleep that I won’t be able to make up.today, or any day. A study was done in Switzerland regarding daylight savings time. It found that there was a dramatic spike in heart attacks within the first two weeks of daylight savings time . I wonder what the results of an American study would be? That is probably why there hasn’t been any publicly announced studies in the U.S. .

I’m certain there are billions of people who hate Day Light Savings Time as much as I do, but like me they just sit back and yawn and curse the time change as they reset all of their clocks and wonder if their dvd player will eventually reset itself. Fortunately my computer reset itself, but now I have to reset my microwave , wristwatch, wall clock and car clock. I don’t need this aggravation on a sleep deprived Sunday morning . Isn’t Day Light Savings Time a violation of the Constitution? If it isn’t it should be. There should be an amendment that prevents the government from fucking around with time.

Happy Day Light Savings Day America, I suggest everyone should celebrate by going back to bed for another hour or more today. If no one goes shopping, or buys gas or cranks up their furnaces,or buys a newspaper for several more hours today it will reflect in the GNP and then the government will have to stop this torture of the American people .


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