Mar 26 2009

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In the Clearing


There has been so much bull in the news lately about bail outs and money scams and lies and deceptions from Wall Street , new war in Pakistan, and more genocide in Gaza and the Sudan. Frankly I’m getting sick of it all. It is all a big distraction away from the real crimes and criminals G.W. Bush and the CEOs of the Mega Corps and Banks. When the corporate media goes after these bastards then I’ll start listening again. I don’t watch television news anymore. I do watch a few sit coms. I have gotten into Two and a half Men recently. Very funny stuff. Great writers.

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been reading the lectures of Manly P.Hall. I will be reading another lecture on tonight’s internet show. I find his work to be not only highly informative but remarkably insightful. He had the ability to write clearly, and explain some of the most complex metaphysical and physical phenomena that has perplexed humanity since the beginning of human thought. He writes not only as a meta physician and mystic, but also as a psychologist, delving into the mechanisms of the human mind.

In these awkward and anxiety ridden times when so many people are worried about their future, Manly Hall’s insights into the human psyche pave a pathway leading to a clearing, in a dangerous and densely wooded forest. Tonight I will read his 127th lecture ” The 10 Regions on the After Life.” Written in 1968. This lecture discribes the teachings of Northern Buddhism.

If anyone is annoyed by my less than frequent posts lately, I apologize. I have recently completed writing a 400 page book entitled Naked at the Mic. It is in the hands of my agent now but I will be posting some of its content on this site very soon. My buddy Rob, who I have my arm around in the above picture is about to make some changes to this web site. I hope these changes will please my readers. In the mean time I wish everyone Asta la vista, and hope you will join me tonight by clicking on Listen Live at the top of this page. Show time 8:00pm E.S.T. Available in my archives after 9:15pm.

L.A. Steel

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