Feb 23 2014

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Who Wins In The Ukraine?

This video by the BBC is the most recent post on YouTube, posted 2 hours ago of the Ukrainian Protest in Kiev and Independence Square.

There are many unanswered questions as to who really wins
in the Ukraine Protest. Today their parliament voted out the president. Every political faction in the Ukraine,Russia, EU and U.S are trying to infiltrate the government and selection of it’s new leaders. Unless the Ukrainian people demand their complete autonomy and neutrality from these outside influences, they will have achieved nothing for all their sacrifices and demonstrations.

The Ukrainian people must take this victory and go forward in their revolution. They must look to the example of Iceland, for economic independence from the IMF or the World Bank or EU monetary system.
They should set up their own central bank, and issue their own currency, establish their own independent military, and independent economy based upon their vast wealth and natural resources, rather than have their wealth plundered by Russia, Europe, China or the U.S.

Keep fighting Ukraine and never give up, and demand the true freedoms you deserve. Become a beacon of freedom and leadership to the rest of the world, by proving you can be truly free from the oppressive, nihilistic, system of global dominance by Cold War countries. You must reject their financial enslavement and agenda of mass genocide of the planetary population, and plundering of all world wealth and natural resources.

Fight on Ukraine! Fight on! All the world watches with hope and support for you to build the great free society. A society and country the rest of the world can honor and respect to inspire their own revolutions to free themselves and their countries.

L.A. Steel

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