Feb 20 2014

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A Few Reasons Ukrainians Resorted To Violence

This reminds me of Occupy Wall Street in the U.S. New York City Cops where paid by the Banksters and Corporations to beat the crap out of and arrest hundreds of peaceful protesters. In September,2005, 300,000 American protesters got sprayed by a bio weapon in Washington D.C. authorized by G.W.Bush. This was the largest anti war protest in D.C since the Vietnam protests, no coverage was given to it by U.S or European news media. The Washington Post, published on 9/26/2005 that all Bio Sensors in D.C near the capital building and the Washington Mall went off during the two day protest on 9/24/06 and 9/25/06 and detected Tularemia, a U.S bio weapon in it’s chemical arsenal. I was there and filmed a documentary on it. I saw the helicopters spraying us and thousands of protesters became ill with the symptoms of being exposed to tularemia. Those symptoms were exhaustion, conjunctivitis, and flu like symptoms, that began within an hour or two from exposure. So much for American’s freedom of speech and assembly.

The Ukrainian people have historically been brutalized by the Soviet Union, most Ukrainians will remember the forced famine in 1933 and as recent as October 29 and 31, 2009, there was reported an assault on the population of several Ukrainian cities by low flying planes spraying chemical weapons, that sickened over 250,000 people. it was labeled ” The Ukrainian Plague.” I printed and quoted several prominent sources in my book (Naked at the Mic/ The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril) regarding this, who reported this plague in the western media.

My sympathies and support go out to the Ukrainian people to win independence from Russia and their present government. Disregard U.S or EU support for your cause, they will be as bad for you as Russia is. Fight for your independence don’t let government or traitorous infiltrators destroy your movement as they did in the U.S with the antiwar movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

For more information on the 2005 D.C protest see my posts for
October, 2005 in my archives or search this site for “300,000 protesters were sprayed by Tularemia Bacteria.”


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