May 12 2009

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It’s Been A While


It is hard to explain what happens during the course of a month or so that prevents someone from being able to continue their creative endeavors, whatever medium they work in. Several months ago I became so inundated with my obligations and commitments that I had to stop doing certain things. I had to stop producing my weekly television program due to a complete lack of time and energy. Then I lost inspiration and had little time to devote to writing my weekly web postings. Bizarre as it is to me, since I was able to do everything for so long including my radio show four nights a week, that I think my mind just shut down for a while. It didn’t physically hurt or anything like that, it was just a partial shut down of the right side of my brain. The creative side. It’s a form of writer’s block but it seems to effect many other areas of the right lobe. I guess that’s why people need vacations. The problem is I didn’t have a vacation and can’t take one for at least another month. By then I hope to have caught up on everything and give my left brain a break.

I appreciate my many readers who have continued to visit my site. I feel a sense of great loyalty to my readers and listeners. I ‘m grateful and I understand and fully appreciate their loyalty and continued interest in what I may have to say. I have been reading and watching the news as well as researching many other areas of interest to me, some of my radio listeners might have heard my Thursday night shows where I concentrate on metaphysics and read selected essays from various mystics and philosophers. Friday nights George Dickson joins Leila and I to discuss the Mayan Calendar and topics relating to ascension consciousness.. My Tuesday night FM.political flagship show can now be heard live on WQQQ.com at 8pm E.S.T.

Some of my readers might be interested to know Leila and I have adopted a cat recently. She was abruptly abandoned and needed a home. Kind of forced upon us, and our dog but if you got a heart it was almost impossible to say no. She’s a cute little long haired gray female, about six months old , with white paws and white spot on her forehead and dazzling green eyes. She was given the generic cat name of “Fluffy” until we got her. Now her name is “Pip”; that’s short for Pip squeak. We got her a pink rhinestone collar, and I decided I liked calling her “Pinky” rather than Pip. But she seems to respond well to ” HEY! GET OFF THE” ….whatever it is she’s climbing on. She virtually terrorizes the dog, but he’s finally figured her out and knows when she’s about to jump on him from behind and how to avoid getting swiped by one of her claws. I think he honestly likes her, and treats her like an odd room mate, putting up with her unusual habits and eating his food. To be honest the cat is a pain in the ass much of the time, but there are those moments of cat friendship like now for instance as she is sitting quietly on top of my stereo, while looking out the study window. What I like most about Pinky is that she like most cats are very independent. They decide what they want to do and do it, regardless what it is. Pinky has great ambition to conquer heights far beyond her practical ability, and a fierce determination and focus that regardless of how many times she fails to jump or climb to where she wants to go she continues to try. I admit she’s reckless and damned annoying at times, but I might have been a cat in one of my past lives, because I see a lot of her annoying characteristics in my own personality.

It’s good to get back to writing again. I think my right brain is beginning to respond again. Sometimes all it takes to get out of a brain drain is to take a day off to collect my senses. It is too easy to dive too deep into a pool before I know how deep I have sunk. Hopefully I can realize it before I hit the bottom and have enough air left in my lungs to change directions upwards and resurface. I’m glad I was able to resurface. I expect to be back in my right brain groove again very soon. Thank you for waiting.


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  1. Elísia

    i read a lot of posts today and yours is the best one i have read ever. i appreciate your attitude.

  2. Ariana

    i like the concept too…keep it up.

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