Feb 05 2014

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2/4/14 L.A.Steel Radio Interview with Author Daniel Estulin “TransEvolution”

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TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction is a remarkable book by a remarkable author. Daniel Estulin also wrote the international best seller “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.” In TransEvolution he clearly defines the World Corporation that now controls all world governments and economies and the fate of humanity.
TransEvolution explains how Humanity has become enslaved in debt and continual economic disasters that are planned by the global elite. Daniel Estulin explains the ultimate goal of eugenicist elites to destroy 2/3 of the world population by 2045 and have complete control of the minds and lives of all people remaining.

Humanity has now produced its last human generation unaltered by technotronics and implanted artificial intelligence. The next generations will become replaced or enhanced by robotics and cyborgs and the loss of the all individual sovereignty and sovereignty of nations. The One World Government is a One World Corporation.
Humanity is now and will be ruled by the tyrannical elite who control the One World Corporation. Find out what has happened to the world and what is to happen to the world, by getting this amazing book.

TransEvolution:The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction is published by TrineDay publishers and is available on their website at
TrineDay.com or Amazon.com and most major online booksellers.


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