Aug 28 2013

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Martin Luther King Jr. Would March Against Obama and Call Him A War Criminal

Today Obama has declared a full 100 missile strike will be waged against Syria on 8/30/13. Today the UN has declared that the Syrian Rebels launched the chemical attack not the Syrian Government. Russia and Iran have warned the U.S if they launch an attack on Syria it will be all out war. Obama is insane. Only an insane man would risk world war over a lie that he created. But Obama is a sociopath just as Stalin and Hitler. Let Martin Luther King’s words be witness against the hypocrisy and criminality of Obama.

Martin Luther King was killed by the U.S government and it was proven in a U.S court in 1999 by a wrongful death suit brought against the U.S government by the King family for the death of Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize for his beliefs and works for Peace. Obama has been given his peace prize for his acts of war. World leaders no longer believe in peace, and the Nobel Peace Prize is a now a complete farce as Obama prepares to begin World War 111.

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