Oct 21 2010

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Spirit of Solidarity


Since childhood I have known the value of solidarity. When two or more friends or brothers or sisters, stood up to someone, to protect or defend each other from a bully or a parent or a teacher it was through the spirit of solidarity that won the day. We learned the value of solidarity then, and many of us valued that Spirit as we grew up and allowed the Spirit to grow within us. Friendships were bonded, as trust was established with friends, relationships, marriages and partnerships as the spirit of solidarity grew within us.

Unions, governments, businesses, families, and individual bonds are the miraculous results of the Spirit of Solidarity. Within the Human and non human species, those who survive , do so by their strict adherence to the guidance of the Spirit of Solidarity. Strength is in numbers. This was learned by the first communities. Wolf packs are the quintessential pack species. Wolves inherently know that working together is far better for their survival than working alone.

As the advanced species, Human Beings should be inherently aware (as are the wolves) that strength is in numbers. I have never understood the conceit and arrogance of anyone who insists that they can do everything by themselves. I have never been able to do anything by myself. I could not build this computer I am now writing on, nor could I build this house I am living in, nor could I build the car I drive, or make the clothes I wear. I am certain there are many people who can do some or all of these things, but I am not one of them. I prefer to buy these things and services if they are available. I enjoy knowing that by buying these things I am employing someone, or giving them due respect for their genius in making something I need, or want. I recognized very early in my life that some people do things better than I do, and that I did things better than some other people. These abilities we have lead us to our opportunities. Solidarity begins with this primary understanding , that we support each other, by respecting the talents of each other. Our crafts and creations are based upon our ability to have them appreciated, enough for someone to compliment us, or purchase our creations. This creates our economy. This creates a workforce and a vision embedded into the fabric of human society. Solidarity becomes friendship, love, peace, cooperation, compassion, courage, strength and wisdom.

The most current example of the Spirit of Solidarity is being witnessed today in France. The French people are standing up against the draconian austerity measures enacted by the Sarkozy Government, and the EU. We are now witnessing the evolutionary process of revolution. Children are protesting in the streets, fighting for their future. Parents and grand parents are fighting for their jobs and pensions. The French are a passionate people, filled with righteous rage against their oppressive government, and are willing to destroy their government and rebuild,rather than accept it for what it has become.

The word Solidarity is so often misused by those who oppose it. It has been labeled by the Conservative Media and governments as a bad word. A Socialist or Communist word, used to solidify a mass movement against a government. When the oppressors of a people, are readying to cull the population, as all the Bankers and Politicians in the world are now doing, the natural instinct for those who will survive is to create solidarity between all who wish to survive and demand their right to exist. If this is not done and solidarity is not achieved to resist,then the culling of the human population will begin in full force. The U.N Agenda 21 demands this operation to begin now, to maximize results by 2020 and complete the reduction of the global human population to two thirds by 2050. Please Google the Global 2000 Report.

The global holocaust is happening now. The sheepish reaction by the majority of world citizens is alarming to those of us who understand and see the Globalists’ plan of human depopulation. Needless wars and famines, countless conflicts around the world, for land and water rights are all signs of the ongoing plan, of human depopulation. News media coverage of these events are continuous and are constantly displaying the atrocities being committed against human populations around the world. This is done to desensitize their listeners, viewers and readers to the demonic sacrifices being made by their governments in their names. This is done to create a solidarity of hatred, greed and elitism within the world. This is to hide the real agenda, of human depopulation under the guise of Globalism, Global Climate Change, and Global Oppression by the banking elite blaming their victims, while they spin their deadly web of Debt to enslave and cannibalize their human victims. This is war people. War against Mankind. War against you and me and everyone who is not part of the “Chosen Circle” those who plan to survive the culling of Humanity because they are doing the killing.

If Mankind is to survive this decade we must see and understand the present danger. We must read and understand the plans being made against us. Those who do not , will not survive the holocaust, which is happening now. There are signs and warnings everywhere of what is about to happen to you, if it hasn’t happened already. You will lose your job, your house, your family, your dignity, your health, your strength, until you are imprisoned, or dead. The Globalists will be more than satisfied, either way because you are rendered completely harmless to them. Remember that you are a commodity. You do not own yourself. Your life is a stock traded on the stock exchange. Bought and sold for your remaining value to the Bankers, and complicit governments. Your birth certificate is registered on the Stock Market. These are facts. Those who have devised this plan did so many years ago. Understand this. Research this. Believe this. Solidarity of the soon to be culled, is the only weapon we have against our own extinction.

Death is not quick, it is slow, gradual, and inevitable. To fear one’s demise or death is the most foolish preoccupation of man’s thoughts. Death is an illusion, a dark veil over the face of eternal life. We see the captivating eyes of death, beauty and wonder behind the veil. Death is without color. In death and life we approach eternity. Why should we demand limitations on our lives? Why should we be held back from creating what we desire, because someone said so?. Someone told us that we were limited. Someone who is a politician, priest, pastor, parent , or policeman, these are all our servants. They are either selected or elected by us, to serve us, not to deny us or oppress us. Democracy is Solidarity, because only through the Spirit of Solidarity can Democracy exist.

L.A. Steel

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