Aug 26 2013

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Never Fear Death

I was within hours of dying, when I realized death and life were illusions. It is a polarity that humanity is subjected to. I learned we can’t escape physical death but we can postpone it if we understand what death really is. Death only occurs in the third dimension. Life goes on after death. When our body dies we enter a spiritual dimension, and move on through eternity from there.

As I laid in a hospital bed close to death floating in a morphine cloud, my past became my present as I lived every moment reliving my past, and envisioning what I could have done differently. The pain screeched unrelentingly though my body, until I redirected my conscious and subconscious away from fear and pain, to a highly focused and directed thought of self healing, to the area of my body that was failing. By doing this the sharp pain of surgery subsided. After five consecutive days of surgeries and two unexpected weeks in the hospital, I stablized enough to be released to go home. I could walk very slowly in pain, but I felt stronger every day. My doctors were amazed that I lived, and my deadly wound completely healed within 60 days. They called it a miraculous recovery. I lived and fully healed because of my desire to live and heal and divine intervention reinforced my will. If someone wills themself to live, survive,and thrive, I believe they will receive the miracle of self healing. It is the guarantee of the universal Law of Attraction. My faith in my survival created the overwhelming desire to heal. I knew it was not my time to die.

Many people who die do so because they feel it is their time to go. Their task on earth has been acomplished, however young or old they may be. Some make the choice to defy death by putting their life on the line as a profession, others like myself are more careful to avoid exposure to extreme physical risks. Trying to rationalize and explain accidental deaths or murders especially of children are nearly impossible unless we believe it was their time to leave this dimension, their tasks were accomplished and their lives were brief. Other people die believing their lives have no joy or meaning, and the chonic pain and depression they endure daily overwhelms them with despair,until they decide it is time for their lives to end.

It was the fear and pain that caused my despair, and as I weakened I cried out to God, and asked why I was dying, and what I could do to prevent my death. Then a great loneliness and darkness overwhelmed me, until I saw a small thread of light. With my eyes closed I focused upon the center point of the thread of light, until it suddenly exploded. I opened my eyes in pain as my mind filled with light, and the pain left me, as my soul seemed to rise into the great light. I only heard silence as I bathed in the gentle light that cleansed my mind of fear and doubt, until I was at peace. The white light slowly disappeared, then I opened my eyes to see the sun shining through the window. My body twinged as pain came back to remind me I was still alive and laying in the hospital bed. But I was not the same as I was minutes before, I was free of fear.

I sat up in bed as a young nurse entered the room and asked me with a beautiful soft smile, “Are you comfortable?” I smiled as I saw the sunlight shine in her eyes and answered “Yes.” At that moment I was convinced I would be all right. I knew I was not alone or ever would be, and that I would live, heal and be well again, never to fear death. I know death is the doorway to the great light and spirit dimension. I have been there.

L.A. Steel

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