Nov 07 2010

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Mumai Mr. Obama? An Open Letter to President Obama


Good bye Mr. Obama I hope you fare well on your trip to Mumbai India and Indonesia and any other place you intend to visit in the next ten days. As an American citizen who voted for you in 2008, I am concerned by your recent decision to visit Mumbai. It seems to me that it is such an obscure place in the world to warrant your personal attention with an official visit; especially at such an exorbitant cost to the American taxpayer. A recent estimate of 200 million dollars a day was made public in the news media for the cost of your 10 day excursion. I have waited patiently for an official White House cost estimate of your visit , however none so far has been announced, other than a vague disagreement by your press secretary that the cost is considerably less, but he so far has not given any cost verification.

I am not a Public Relations expert, however if I was I would never have advised a trip to Mumbai India. Of all the places in the world that need your attention, Mumbai is the least important. It was reported on a network news report recently that your expected return to the American people for this visit, is approximately 50,000 new high tech jobs for the U.S. but I have to wonder if that is for U.S workers or for U.S companies who intend to outsource 50,000 new jobs to India. Your visit to Indonesia is even more strange to me especially since they are experiencing the fallout of an active volcano and devastating monsoons. What possible high level Presidential visit could justify your travels to a devastated country. You could have more cheaply gone to Haiti, to draw attention to their terrible plight, but no instead you leave the U.S and the Western Hemisphere, incurring astronomical expenses to the American taxpayer during a period of economic devastation. I can not understand your thinking Mr. Obama. It makes very little sense to me. Perhaps your “brilliant” staff can explain it, but from what I’ve heard so far , they do not have any good explanation for your actions. If this is how you operate as the Chief Executive , I greatly fear for my country. In all sincerity Mr. Obama, it appears to me that you might very well be as incompetent or perhaps even more so than your immediate predecessor, which I thought was an impossibility, that anyone could be as hapless and incompetent as he was.

The recent loss of the Democratic majority in Congress during the recent midterm elections would appear to me to be a devastating blow to your future, and the future of America, however based upon your travel itinerary and your seeming indifference to the midterm election results I guess it doesn’t matter to you. Your recent conversations of appeasements to the Republican leaders of the House and Senate seem to me somewhat worrisome. I must ask why would you congratulate and communicate with the members of Congress who have publicly stated they want to impeach you, and insure you will not receive a second term in office? This makes little sense to me, especially since I voted for you in 2008. I did so because I thought you might bring “Change” to Washington, but that has not happened so far. In fact you have been more embedded with corporate lobbyists and Wall Street bankers than your predecessor. I am extremely disappointed in you Mr. Obama. I am completely amazed at how seemingly incompetent you are. But what concerns me more than all else I have spoken about so far is that you seem to have no backbone Mr. Obama, no leadership ability, and no common sense. As much as I despise the Republican Party and have little regard for the Democrats, I as an Independent cast my vote in 2008 for you. I could never have voted for your opponent John McCain, however if I had known that you were going to be such a sorry President of the American people, I would have thrown my vote away to an obscure write in candidate.

I read one of your books. The Dream of my Father. I thought it was a good book and an interesting autobiography. But since the writing of your book , it appears that you are not the same person who wrote it. I understand that it was 15 years ago, and much has changed in your life, but the basic integrity of the man who wrote this book, did not seem to remain with you. I understand that many compromises must be made by politicians to achieve high office, however that is not my concern. My concern is what compromises you have made with yourself, that you could so turn away from the American people by cowering to your apparent enemies. To be frank with you Mr. Obama, you frighten the hell out of me. Your Goldman Sachs friends appear to have bought you and sold you as stock on Wall Street, to the highest or lowest bidder and your appointment of . Bernanke to the Federal Reserve and Geitner to Treasury Secretary shows that you are ready to allow the entire U.S economy to collapse. I must ask if this was your plan all along ? Was this what you were told to do by your puppeteers and why you were ushered in as President. The planners of your campaign and public relations were brilliant, but as soon as you got into office , it appears that they left you or had spent their entire genius on getting you elected, and now are complete idiots, who have advised you in the worst ways possible, unless you have completely stopped listening to them. Either way it appears that this trip to Mumbai and other irrelevant places on the planet are a Presidential and public relations fiasco, as were the midterm elections, the BP Gulf Coast disaster and everything else you have done since you were elected.

So Mumbai Mr. Obama. It appears that your status as President of the U.S has been diminished beyond repair. Either it is the results of your incompetence and indifference to your office and the American people or that of your advisors it really doesn’t matter now. Little can be done to repair your credibility. It is a shame and a tragedy to continue to watch you fail and to have to write this public letter to you. But I would be dishonest if I did not speak out regarding these issues. I would be unpatriotic to simply accept your weak and poor leadership in the face of such adversity facing my country. I do not know how to respond to America’s disappointment with your disastrous presidency any other way. I can only suggest that you either show far more integrity and strength during the remainder of your term in office or your Republican and non American enemies will destroy you and what remains of the United States.

L.A. Steel

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