Nov 19 2005

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Qur’an Contemplation Part ll


As I plow through centuries of rigid beliefs I understand why we are desperately loosing the struggle in Iraq. Did anyone even attempt to read the Koran or a history of the Middle East before they decided to go to war with an Arab nation? If they had they would have never attempted this lame brain war against the most rigid and hard line religious people in the world. No one can conquer the unconquerable.

SURA 5 ” …Only, the recompense of those who war against God and his Apostle, and go about to commit disorders on the earth, shall be that they shall be slain or crucified, or have their alternate hands and feet cut off, or be banished the land; This their disgrace in this world, and in the next a great torment shall be theirs- Except those who ere you have them in your power, shall repent; for know that God is Forgiving, Merciful. O ye who believe! Fear God. Desire union with Him. Contend earnestly on his path, that you may attain happiness.

“As to the infidels-if that they had twice the riches of the earth to be their\ ransom from torment on the day of resurrection, it should not be accepted from them! and a dolorous torment shall be theirs Fain would they come forth from the Fire; but forth from it they shall not come; and a lasting torment shall be theirs. As tho the thief, whether man or woman, cut ye off their hands in recompense for their doings. This is a penalty by way of warning from God himself. And God is Mighty, Wise. But who ever shall turn him to God after this his wickedness, and amend, God truly will be turned to him for God is Forgiving, Merciful.”

“… O Apostle! let not those who vie with one another in speeding to infidelity vex thee; – of those who say with their mouths, ‘We will believe’ but whose hearts believe not; – or of the Jews- listeners to a lie – listeners to others- but who come not to thee. They shift the words of the law from their places and say, ‘ If this be brought to you, receive it; but if this be not brought to you then beware of it’ For him whom God would mislead, thou canst in no wise prevail with God! They whose hearts God shall not please to cleanse, shall suffer disgrace in this world, and in the next a grievous punishment; Listeners to a falsehood and greedy devourers of the forbidden!”

“O Believers! Take not the Jews or Christians as friends. They are but one another’s friends. If any one of you taketh them for his friends, he surely is one of them! God will not guide the evil doers. So shalt thou see the diseased at the heart speed away to them, and say, ‘We fear lest a change of fortune befall us.’ But haply God will of himself bring about victory of event of his own ordering: then soon will they repent them of their secret imaginings. Then will the Faithful say, ‘ What are these they who swore, by their most solemn oath, that they were surely with you?’ Vain their works; and themselves shall come to ruin. O ye who believe! Should anyone of you desert His religion, God will then raise up a people loved by Him and loving Him, lowly towards the faithful, haughty towards the Infidels. For the cause of God will they contend, and not fear the blame of the blamer. This is the Grace of God! On whom He will bestoweth it! God is Vast, Omniscient!”

“… Infidels now are they who say, God is the Messiah, son of Mary; for the Messiah said,”O children of Israel! Worship God my Lord and your Lord.’ Whoever shall join other gods with God, God shall forbid him the Garden, and his abode shall be the Fire; and the wicked shall have no helpers. They surely are Infidels, who say, ‘God is the third of three; for there is no God but one God: and if they refrain not from what they say a grievous chastisement shall light on such of them as are Infidels.”

All right I have failed the Mensa test by five points because in all fairness of time and talent and ability I couldn’t answer the last question. The question was completely absurd to the common brain, but to the brain who wrote the test it was considered an act of genius. So it was obviously beyond me. I wasn’t given a pass or membership and I was told that they were sorry. So here I am trying to convince the world that the Koran and Bush and this War and all the Mensa warriors who got us in to this Iraqi Insanity are completely STUPID. Until someone unlocks the secret of the Qur’an for the rest of the world to attempt to understand it, the better off the world would be. As would be the way to open all religions to the scrutiny they deserve.

What’s more amazing is that any great religion can and has fostered tremendous followings, people who believe in their leader to guide them to the pathway of an enlightened life. I am of that mindset that will never give adoration or complete faith to anyone but God. I always questioned the trinity idea. Thought the “One God” theology was far greater than the” Three God Theory” I believe as it states in the Koran that God is one God is not three or 2 or many in one but that God is one. But I’m not about to cut off anyone’s feet or head or whatever body part, because they don’t believe in one God. For some reason I cannot visualize a God that would be petty enough to consider the thoughts of an inferior spirit. God is omnipotent, God is blind but sees all, God is holy and blessed, and God is all greatness. For this reason I ask that my head be spared the blade for blasphemy and all readers who have attempted to understand part TWO of Contemplating the Koran.


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