Nov 16 2005

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Listening to the Dead




Recently I was listening to the best of the Grateful Dead (Skeletons in the Closet” 1974 reissued cd.) I was thinking about things in general, when it occurred to me that “St. Stephen” wasn’t such a great song and “Golden Road” wasn’t so golden. “Truckin” and “Uncle John’s Band”, meant something to me. “Mexicali Blues “says; “Thinkin and drinkin is all I have to say.” I don’t drink much anymore but if I did that would mean something to me.

“Turn On Your Love Light” didn’t improve my vision. At this time in my life “Saturday Night” doesn’t inspire me the way it did in 1974. “A Friend of the Devil” is a timeless classic more real to me than most songs. Kind of like G.W. Kind of like all people and politicians, who’ve made friends with the devil. 1974 was a good year for the Dead.


L.A. Steel

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