Feb 11 2013

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The Resigning Pope


The Pope is resigning, I guess that means he’s giving up his Christ on Earth job. Two other Pope Benedicts resigned. Now we know why Ratzinger became Benedict. He was going to be the third Pope to retire before he died on the job. I guess all of this present Pope’s past was just too hard on him. Ignoring over 10,000 claims of child molestation against Catholic priests, the theft of millions or even billions from the Vatican Bank, overcoming his Nazi racist past as a Hitler Youth to become a cardinal and Pope. One of the first Papal Acts Benedict performed was giving a private ceremonial blessing to Ferraris automobiles and their owners. I read the news report on my radio show several days after the ceremony took place.

What does it mean for the religious leader of one billion people to resign from being the representive of Christ on Earth? Does it mean he’s lost his faith? Does it mean he is a fraud? What does it mean? The Pope has the same job St.Peter had. Peter died upside down on a cross, before he gave up his job. That says alot about the job committment of Pope Benedict. I always thought it was supposed to be a lifetime job? I guess his oath of Popery is like a marriage oath. “Till death do us part, or until we divorce”, or in Catholic terms “Get Annulled.” The grand Catholic hypocrisy continues in the grandest pagantry. The Pope resigning means their is no one at the top of the heap of Catholic priests, and cardinals, and no one eternally committed to continuing Christ’s work and message. The Pope job is just another top paid, ceremonial, overrated CEO job, with a golden parachute.

No one knows how much a Pope makes in salary, but since the Catholic Church is a fortune 1 company his annual salary must be in the trillions of any world currency. I wonder where he will retire to? The Church owns billions of acres and thousands of islands around the world. I’m sure he has a papal retirement villa , where he can live in privacy and prayer.

I really don’t believe it is his health or his age that is the reason for his resignation. I believe it is another major Vatican scandal ready to explode, and this Pope will be at the center of it.

L.A. Steel

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