Jan 21 2013

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Barack Obama Borrows Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday.


Barack Obama borrowed Martin Luther King’s birthday for his inauguration. Today’s inauguration was a mock inauguration. The real inauguration happened yesterday on Sunday, 1/20/2013 because by law the President must be sworn in on January 20.

The inaugural gala began last night with a Childrens’ Inaugural Ball. Then the morning (sickness) inauguration hype on every network morning news show. This was a massive brainwashing of the American people, or those who actually watched the Inauguration. I am certain that at least 6 billion people around the planet don’t know about or care about Obama’s inauguration.

All of this Obama inauguration hype should have happened on Sunday 1/20/2013, and Martin Luther King Jr’s Day should have remained sacred to Americans and especially to Black Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by the FBI. The King family sued the Federal Government for the wrongful death of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Federal Government was found guilty by a Federal Court, and a settlement was made with the King family. This trial was in 1999. I do not understand why the King Family and the Civil Rights leaders did not protest against the Government for stealing the day away from them and their father to honor the first black president. If Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive he would be publicly opposed to the failed leadership of Obama’s administration.

Martin Luther King Jr. would not have condoned ceaseless drone attacks on thousands of innocent Pakistan and Afghanistan people, nor would he allow millions of Americans to be hungry and desparate for shelter and healthcare. He would never have allowed his name to be associated with genocide and advocacy of war, death and destruction. He would never have advocated support for Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. He would never have allowed bankers and corporations to steal the U.S Treasury and destroy the world financial system. King would never have accepted the continuation of Guantanamo or CIA renditions, or illegal U.S invasions of other countries.

Obama won the peace prize by esculating a war. King won that same peace prize for his leadership of the Civil Rights Movement and his commitment to world peace. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life in the fight for the dignity of man. Obama owes his presidency to Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and hundreds of other leaders, who paved the way for him. I noticed there wasn’t any male Civil Rights leader featured on the platform or in the crowd. Has the Media officially replaced Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday with Obama’s Inauguration Day or did Obama sign another secret executive order, to change King’s Birthday to Obama’s Day?

Congratulations Mr. President I hope for the sake of this country you are better at leading than you were the last 4 years. It appears nobody else publicly objects to your theft of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day, so you win. Today is officially Barack Obama Day.

L.A. Steel

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